Turning it all over

I picked this phrase as my title because it can be read in two different ways: One is mulling it over and trying to understand it all, and the second is relinquishing everything — surrendering “it all” to whatever happens.

Being in the place of the latter, I found some comfort in Matt Kahn’s video:

6 thoughts on “Turning it all over

  1. I periodically entertain the notion of turning it all over (surrendering) but never quite do it fully. I like much of Matt’s teaching too. Maybe I’ll watch this one. Take good care of yourself Ka.

  2. Turning my will and life over to God has worked well for me, especially when I’m at a loss and trying to control things clearly beyond my control. Sometimes I still forget this. Who am I kidding? A LOT of times I forget! But it is comforting to not feel the need to figure everything out. I wasn’t going to watch the video because of the length, but started it and didn’t want to stop. I’m glad I watched it because 90% was comforting, affirming, or enlightening. I don’t I agree with the all or nothing stance on alignment though. I believe there is great value in progress and moving toward the light and that we heal as we move toward alignment. I do appreciate that Matt brings God and New Age ideas together and his perspective of hope. Thanks for being part of the light, Ka. Take good care of yourself. ❤

    1. Hi JoAnna,

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts and impressions. For me, if I got one thing from Matt or from any other spiritual teacher, and I have followed many for a decade—at least—then, it was this: the universe is impersonal, but love is throughout. I can rest in this for now. I can be still and rest. As far as religion, God, spiritual teachers and the form of my religion, it changes for me, as does my willingness to “surrender” and what that means is not easily defined. I’m with you and agree with you about the alignment piece: its not all or nothing. Wishing you very much health and happiness with your families. May we get through these times of hardship and be present for one another. May we grow in compassion if not understanding, and may we open up to the love that is all around us, and within us. 💞💗💞 Thank you 🙏

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