Full Moon Virgo, March 19, 2011: Illumination

I’m putting this out there…
It’s an old write up. So much has changed since 2011. And yet I think what we can continue to look at is Virgo/Pisces in terms of this pandemic. Pisces is avoidance/distraction (or denial) and Virgo is pragmatism and focus/detail, but also anxiety. These two are always better paired. Need a little bit of both. Keep the hope alive, and be aware of the actual situation by getting clear on the facts. I have so much love for all of you at this time of great change and adjustment.

Fiesta Estrellas

Are you servicing your soul (Pisces) with your pragmatism (Virgo)?

If ‘yes,’ excellent! If ‘no’… then, who do you serve?… If you don’t serve you , then who does?

I’m looking at the full moon chart for March 19, 2011, and it’s not the easiest due to the mutable grand cross configuration involving the moon’s nodes; but, before anyone gets too carried away by being flustered: the good news is that Venus and Neptune are making very harmonious contacts. Venus (love and values) is sextile Mercury (communication and thoughts), so let’s just say that communication is active (Aries) and somewhat objective (Aquarius).  However, that’s not the whole story for communication: next to the full moon is Saturn, which tends to have a reserved or restrictive quality—meaning that you may have a meaning/need/or feeling to convey but have not the words to convey it, or you may realize you need to…

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon Virgo, March 19, 2011: Illumination

  1. May you be well too, Brad! Astrology (the actual patterns) is often more interesting than peoples’ interpretations. You can always go back after the fact, and say “oh, that could be seen. It was there.” Again, wishing for safety and wellness for many, and you!!!

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