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This interview popped up in my YouTube feed for some reason. Many of us from the United States remember the president well from the 1980s and 1990s and we are well-acquainted with his character. I’m sharing this post for many international viewers who might not “remember” back to 1994.

We are at a critical point in time when women are still trying to be recognized as equal citizens on the planet. There are a lot of differences of opinion out there. I believe in women. I believe in the future. Please consider voting him out. For my international friends, please consider who you trust when you are researching and looking around online. Many of us are alive long enough to know a person’s story longer term.

20 thoughts on “An unexpected post

    1. My appeal to voters out there (and international figures who wish to persuade with their writing about their opinions even if they don’t “vote”) was understated. The main reason is because a cool head is needed. The dragon energy can be tamed and used for the most effective moments. Let’s take a giant leap forward. I’m also wishing us all good luck. I still believe that the majority of people want peace even if they disagree on how to do/be that.

    1. While I agree in massive systemic problems stemming from unchecked corporate power, lobbyists, and the way the system is designed to function is undoubtably problematic in the way that it leads the people through elections, I think we as Americans need to focus on one goal at a time, or at the very least: have groups of people who are. I am focusing on women in this post and electing Biden. However, Biden is not perfect, nor is his party. I do believe a party with a platform that recognizes there is a problem with the way we are in relationship with our climate is essential. I am in favor of science-based theories influencing the public, over conspiracy theories. There are too many talking heads with very little credibility. Everyone is an expert about the “big picture,” but in reality, that is just not true. I wish us all good luck in navigating these intense times. The best we can do is focus on the well-being of ourselves, and everyone who we care for. In the meantime, I will make my voice heard.

  1. All well said, Ka. I believe in women and the future as well. While I care deeply about the condition of the world and of people, I’ve never been much of a political animal. I suppose the way in which it reduces to the cultivation and presentation of an “image,” and the way this includes a certain manipulation of the moment to achieve and maintain power, has always turned me off from the process at some level. But it has truly been astonishing to me of late to see the ugliness at the heart of it all emerge for us all to see. I know that human decency can just be a charade as well at times, when the media spotlight is on and no one is every really seen in detail. But the willingness of our current President to treat people openly with disdain has been a very difficult pill to swallow. Both parties are far from perfect… But we need good people in these positions at the end of the day. And I understand your position on simplifying this to a vote for what is best for women. I can get on board with that… The true vote in my heart is for something even much grander and all-encompassing, and I try to vote it, if only for a moment, in each day. (I can’t say I always succeed, but when I fail I find my way back to it however I can!)


    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment; and I agree in our hearts we are voting for so much more. I’ve been engaged in many conversations about how many people get into politics and what that means. I’m beginning to think, even though I’ve tended to agree with you that’s it’s [politics] about cultivation and presentation of image, and it’s time for me to revisit being more clear on my own opinions, values and judgements, and voice them accordingly. I think trying to “rise above” it all can also depersonalize and let issues like, as in your own words:
      “…the willingness of our current President to treat people openly with disdain has been a very difficult pill to swallow,” not meet silence. I don’t need to swallow that pill. And, so I won’t accept that.

      Surely there are large issues beyond the myopia with which each one policy or agenda could be discussed. I opened the platform with this post but I don’t really intend to make politics my regular focus. I do research and investigate everyone on the ticket during even smaller elections, that includes locally. I think we do need good people in positions of policy and government; and I do think it’s conceivable and achievable to have good people taking up this work.

  2. Thank you for speaking up on this topic. I thought your video would be about him bragging about how easy it was for him to sexually assault women. The video in your link was interesting, especially the end where he says creating women stars is like creating a building. Like he needs to move on to the next conquest. But his disrespect goes beyond women. I will never forget him mocking the handicapped reporter.

    1. Thank you for your response to this post. We see the same on this. This video reveals so much more beyond its title. Yes so many of us are aware of his blatant disregard for and respect for so many individuals and groups of people. It’s sad. I hope he gets recovery on some level and heals from whatever has been inwardly provoking his cruelty.

      1. I sat and watched the video…and the one after that. I just can’t come to terms with so much that is going on. This is such an important election! I just hope there is no interference…or intimidation.
        Sweet Blessings, Ka.

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