Reach for the stars

Hello my friends,

The editor is different! I didn’t expect that 🙂

Well, I have been away from blogging for a very long time. I am only around here and there and quite infrequently because I have been busy with motherhood full-time and graduate school full-time, finishing up my last semester in my Master’s program with only 7 more classes to complete my doctorate in Traditional Chinese medicine. If I choose to do that. I also have some straggling onsite clinic work to do when the pandemic becomes less threatening. Meanwhile I’ve been a senior intern in our telehealth and finishing classes.

Also, I am finishing up my 15 month Medicine Woman certification for Rite of the 12 Celestial Regents. As you know, I haven’t had time for my other hobbies like art-making: painting, poetry, or sketching, blogging or photography. My outdoor garden (which is only an urban tower) has been silent and nothing happening there, either.

Oh, but I have been cooking so much and experimenting and having the best time with it!! There’s been no time to prepare posts to my food blog, so I don’t. Life has been pretty darn good during this pandemic despite all the craziness that is around. I’ve enjoyed celebrating Mabon this year with one of my tribes over zoom and with my family. I’ve always been a member of so many different communities. So here I am, back with my own community, on my blog. I love you all so much!!

I wanted to share one of my odes that I wrote for my certificate for Medicine Woman studies: Rite of the 12 celestial Regents. It was an intensive program full of self-development and unveiling shadows, and it was truly a blessing. Here is my ode to the Moon recorded from my private grimoire I created during these last 15 months.

Mother moon I cannot lie

Under you I cry

For in the night I’m fearful and shy

But your love’s not for reason or for whys

You keep my heart safe and wise

And you gently remind me where my true love lies.

Deep inside surrounded within pure prize

Lots of gratitude to my daughter for napping peacefully while I quickly transcribed this message. Wishing you all a beautiful rest of your week! Looking forward to seeing you over at your blogs!


20 thoughts on “Reach for the stars

  1. You’ve been very busy, Ka! Congrats on all your achievements including those in progress – aren’t they all? 🙂 We’re lifelong students in a changing world. Your Medicine Woman studies sound wonderful – centering and healing. A beautiful poem. Good luck with your master too. My daughter is a Chinese Medicine practitioner and loves it.

    1. Oh! I love how your daughter is doing this!

      Thank you

      💗 and I’m not surprised we have connected on the blog. You are an incredible writer, Diana — and I really enjoy visiting your blog, and so enjoy your presence and space in this sphere.

      Yes, the Medicine Woman studies… still in reflection.

  2. Wow Ka. I don’t know how you’re managing all those educational projects, especially with a young daughter. I hope you take time to rest and appreciate your life too. Thanks for sharing your loving spirit and poem. blessings…

  3. Congratulations Ka on all your achievements. Your path is as unique and colorful as your essence. I would imagine your plate is quite full and am glad to here you are thriving through the pandemic and other global events.

    Can you say more about the Medicine Women path?
    I do not know you are aware I have begun a blogging challenge through the end of 2020. I would love for you to join us. Check it out on blog or contact me if you are would like to know more about it.

    love, Linda

    1. It’s so funny, I look at achievements as something else: like when you publish a book and people are interested and inspired by it, or when you make a difference in someone’s day because you give them hope in a way that they weren’t able to see by themselves, or when you can have the extra bandwidth to perform all sorts of acts anonymously for the good and no one even knows…..

      So yea, every day I learn I have so much to learn, and I’m not even close to achieving what I set out for which is not about a certificate or a title at all. In fact, if I could accomplish all that without leaving tracks in the sand from my bungles, that would be great!

      Right now, I’m not up for another challenge blog post. I wish you well on yours and think it’s great you are having an outlet during these challenging times. While on one hand I am thriving, I’ve had a lot of suffering, too. I think it’s gotta be viewed in the balance.

      May peace and patience be yours!

      Much love to you! Ka

  4. Lots of love to your beautiful daughter 🙂
    I found myself very much surprised with the new editor too as I returned after 6 months or so straight. I enjoyed knowing all the goodness in your life and loved how you said “I didn’t have time to make food posts so I didn’t” There is always so many things that I look forward to doing and then I keep telling myself the same – well there’s no time so I didn’t – and be ok with it.

    1. Thank you, Pragalbha! My daughter inspires me so much with all who she is!!

      You are one of my favorite bloggers. It’s so wonderful that you have returned, and I enjoy how you write and move through your life with your intuition and deep reverence.

      Yes. Sometimes we have to “be ok” in whatever state we see ourselves in “ready” “able” or “not able” and “not ready.” So much compassion in that. I find that all the states are temporary, so being okay with what is temporary….

      Much love to you!

      1. Your kind words for me are truly valuable 🙂 How blessed I am to have your support after staying away and returning to this space.

        So well said!! Everything is indeed temporary.

        Much love to you and loads of love to your daughter!

      2. Thank you so much, Pragalbha! She and I appreciate it 🙂. We can never have too many friends in life! So glad you are back, and maybe we will both be here for as long as we are. One never knows! I often don’t know if I will post after another post or what I will post.

  5. Great to see this message Ka and have a window into all the dimensions of mastery you are pursuing. It is wonderful to behold! And I know you will (and are) living into the beautiful achievements you described above.

    As to the new post editor… I posted for the first time in a while myself today, and I was kind of appalled to be honest. I’ll learn it and soon it will be an old hat, but for now I find it cumbersome and unfriendly to real writing. I say that because every time I click in a new paragraph, the little toolbar travels with the cursor, and then I can’t see the previous paragraph, and for me writing involves so much backtracking to try and read segments uninterrupted. It’s kind of silly the way it works, in my opinion, but it is certainly more aligned with our world of buttons and widgets.

    Hope you are well!

    1. Thanks, Michael. This new editor is a bit cumbersome, isn’t it? I was using it from my phone, too, which was possibly worse, or better, but I don’t know. It’s nice to be able to revert back to the old one now, at least for a time. Wishing you well. Congrats again on your recent short story making it into one of the journals you submitted! I do hope you and all are well.

    1. So far I don’t prefer it. I was using the editor from my phone, so maybe it might be worse on a computer. It caught me off-guard entirely. It was like writing ✍️ in strange sections, and I just sort of plowed through it in order to make my post. I had to which to old editor today in order to post a video. Then I have issues with my Mac being out of date, and with my phone sending it messages even thought the settings are turned off. So I have a bit to fiddle with and get in order. Then I’m reminding myself, Mercury retrograde on the 13 until Nov. 3, when it stations direct. It’s funny when you wrote your question I was working to complete a task and the other tech issues were just spiraling.

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