Hope is manifest

Sometimes I get a tickle in my throat

for the words I want to say

but really it’s the language in my eyes

gazing here, and far away

what I want to show is the magic

of this hope I’ve kept inside

brewing up a vision of a life

built on trust and allied,

where sincerity and promise

are demonstrated by actions

fueled by integrity and intention

led by openness and satisfaction

I’m dreaming up a world of peace as I always have. This day marks a day forward and my hope is that all the obstructions for our progress as a Nation, and a planet, are removed, one by one. I want to see this planet and it’s inhabitants thrive! Let this be the beginning of that world we dream to make in peace and harmony, for the highest and best good of all.

I’ve posted this blog post for the Nano Poblano challenge. I am honored to blog beside these other cheerpeppers.

7 thoughts on “Hope is manifest

  1. Beautifully said, Ka. I hadn’t realized how stressful this has been until the tears came to my eyes. It’s the hope for a world based on trust and respect, and the genuine desire to understand one another, to which I have clung. May we find the space to move forward together…


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