nano poblano finale & change challenge, astrology

This is my final blog post for the November Nano Poblano Challenge, and I’ve been blogging every day, all month! This was a challenge I didn’t think I’d take on with such a busy schedule, but alas, I did it! I’ll be linking all my blog posts here at the bottom. It’s also the day I’m going to be writing for Linda’s challenge, called, Litebeing Chronicles Change Challenge,” which is going through to the end of the year. If you are interested in adding your blog to the challenge, go ahead and clink on the link above. She asked us to write about “our insights, ideas, and evolution.”

What I’ve noticed is I have a very hard time following prompts, be they writing prompts or any kind. I’m learning that prompts are big for bloggers and creative people; but, I’ve just never been really good at them. When I attempt one, I find my mind goes blank. Some would call this writer’s block, but I never considered myself a writer. I do enjoy writing poetry, but I prefer to write it without rhyme more often than not. This style is called free verse, and it’s completely legitimate poetry. Well, maybe one day I’ll try my hand at ever newer things. I know would love to, in a way, when the time is right. Especially when it seems like it will be fun!

My evolution: Since the pandemic, being in graduate school full time (and finishing up this term) and also taking care of my now-toddler at home full-time, I found that I can still meditate, stretch, exercise, and basically work on things like alleviating my chronic pain. I have solid knowledge about what is helpful for me to keep myself afloat during these days where we wonder what’s next. I’ve become comfortable with where I am in life, exactly as it is. My ambitions are pretty relaxed right now. I’ve lost the pregnancy weight; I’ve kept myself afloat, mostly positive, and hopeful when I needed it the most. I have a very small support network, but I am grateful for the few people I have in my life.

I have less resistance to the present moment.

I find life incredibly exciting, delicious, and full of opportunity. I also love blogging with all of you! I wish I had something deep to say, but I really don’t. I’m immersed in the ordinariness of life right now, of time management, of trying to squeeze out creativity where I can. I’m still in the middle of the pandemic, in my world. It’s still happening. The most important thing I do these days is keep my mind on the present moment. That said, I’m pleased with how the month went with Nano Poblano.

Here’s an easy to use guide/summation of my posts for this month:

This month I decided to review my images from my time in Cambodia. You can see those images here. The intention for my posts this time was to be random. As it turns out there were a few themes, travel:

Cambodia 1, Cambodia 2 , Cambodia 3, Cambodia 4, Cambodia 5, Cambodia6

I also recorded a number of meditation tracks to help you with your meditation practice, or for you to give it a try.

Lovingkindness meditation, Compassion meditation for easing anxiety, Outdoors meditation, Self-kindness meditation, Qi Gong video

I also wrote more poetry than I have for a while, even while feeling uninspired for a while.

diegesis, hope is manifest, life of bamboo, roots, delicious sun

I shared a couple of recipes:

apricot yums, chocolate vitality chia pudding,

A microstory with some vintage music:


Animal love/medicine:

Hedgehogs! (more than necessary during election time), hummingbird, dragon,


Pablo Neruda’s poem and commentary on the environment.

Californian Autumn

Bird of Paradise

Prose: Growing time

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving2

Diana’s Muse challenge post

the green woman

*All throughout my posts are a lot of my photography. It’s not something I’m doing right now, but I have enjoyed sharing these images.

In the beginning of 2017, I published my first book of poetry. It’s available to purchase if you click on the link to your right of this text. I hope to publish another book someday. Although, I have no plans right now to do one.

“Never travel alone” Ka Malana Photography

I’ve also been listening to jazz a lot. I mean, a lot. Here’s an upbeat favorite of mine. I read that Lee Morgan did the trumpet on this one. Benny Golson does the tenor sax. That trumpet and sax really have “voice.” What I love about jazz is how the music it builds and flows. I love the personality of the instruments. Then the piano, Bobby Timmons, just makes me smile. How could I not smile when listening to this track? That’s just me. Art Blakey on the drums, and Jymie Merritt on the bass, and the deal is sealed.

We’ve got a full moon upon us, as an eclipse, this lunation joins the a wide 11 degree angle to the North Node in Gemini. Tis the season for communicatin’ while the Sun anchors in the sign of Sagittarius (tropical zodiac). While we are all in our local neighborhoods (Gemini) for the most part, due to the pandemic, the travel desire of the Sun is strong. So we can use a few “mental vacations” or some light-hearted fun! How about a card game with your housemates? No, I’m not talking about “online.” Take some time to unplug from your tech, even if it’s only 10 min you wouldn’t have otherwise, unless you set the intention.

An eclipse in the mutable signs lends for more changeability and reorientation. Maybe you’ve thought of moving your furniture into a different configuration, or maybe you want to give your sister or brother a call and see what changes they are up to, maybe their relationships are changing, breakups and back-together-agains and they’d like to chat in your ear? What new ways have you found to navigate in your living spaces during this pandemic? You might want to embrace those Sagittarian ambitions but have to look at what’s right in front of you (Gemini). What can you communicate that is ordinary (something you thought was matter of fact) but hasn’t been said? Maybe it will help others get through the day with a little more smoothness? How can that ready sense of adventure be translated into your next foray into the walls within your local community? The past couple of days I was out at the park and laced up my roller skates for the first time in 2 years. Getting around on skates is a good match for this full moon. Be safe, be well, and have fun navigating these times!

47 thoughts on “nano poblano finale & change challenge, astrology

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  2. Thank you Ka for spreading your light in your entry for the Change Challenge. And kudos for completing nano poblano, a huge deal if you ask me! I have enjoyed your entries, especially the photography. I also thank you for inviting others to join my challenge, especially since today is the last day to choose a date. 🙂 Could you please change the link to my challenge with this one here?

    PS, I always enjoy learning more about you ❤ and am very glad we met here and in person a few years back. I consider you family in the best way.

    Namaste, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      I was able to fix the link right away 🙂

      Thank you very much! It’s been a lot of fun to embrace these challenges, which might be a new way for me to look at challenges. Hmm. Yay! Thank you for viewing my posts and for showing your interest, it’s so appreciated!! I hope others will join your Change Challenge!

      I just re-read your comment when you wrote, “I consider you family in the best way,” and that’s really touching. I know you wouldn’t say that if you didn’t mean it. Sending you lots of hugs! I’m grateful to have met you, too! 🙂 Thank you for being here!

      1. I rarely don’t mean what I say, despite having a Gemini Moon, lol! While we live far apart and do not connect as often as we have in the past, I do feel close to you and feel grateful for all your kindness and support to me, especially with the loss of Dexter and when my illness surfaced. ❤

  3. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    Please enjoy Ka’s post for the Change Challenge. Ka is a sensitive multi talented soul who has much wisdom and creativity in her “toolbox. ” Please join us as today is the final day to contact me with a publish date for your submission. Happy Eclipse and Neptune station however this enters your space.

    much love, LInda ❤

  4. I went back to your post and the link you used is the one to the blog, not the actual post. Not to be a pest, but it would be great if your readers could see the challenge post ❤

    thanks! 🙂

    1. Ok, Linda, I’m sorry about that and for the delay! I fixed the link. What had happened was only part of the link was updated, the word, “change” was for your 09/03 post but the other part of it was for Hopefully, it is fixed now =) I checked it 3x!

  5. And you say you wish you had something deep to write? :))! While you allow us to indulge in the richness and fullness of your life and life itself. I am so happy to read from you, and so many places of similarity, also so much inspiration from what we generally term as ordinary.
    I too go absolute blank when having to write to a prompt. You created an amazing post here! Much Love.

  6. I’m feeling a certain resonance with this post, Ka. This, in particular: I’m immersed in the ordinariness of life right now, of time management, of trying to squeeze out creativity where I can. It has felt that way for me for a while. I was lamenting to another friend the way I literally have felt squeezed by time this year. Creative time hasn’t quite flowed as well as in some times past… But I had a beautiful experience writing this weekend and sharing this piece with a friend, and we ended up exchanging e-mails about the tears being shed. Haha. Intimacy can strike across space and time for sure.

    I am greatly enjoying this jazz piece as well! I’m sad to hit the “Post” button because I know it will interrupt this song. This moment suddenly feels very Haruki Murakami-esque. You ever read any of his novels? I believe he’s a fan of jazz. But just realizing we’re in this slice of eternity, not hitting a button because the music will stop, and… what if the music stops!? That is Murakami… I can’t explain it. Anyway, I also resonate with the small support group thing. But it’s quality right!?

    I hope this finds you well, my friend. Enjoy this beautiful moon.

    Okay, I’m hitting the button now.

    I really am…


    1. What a wonderful comment, Michael! I’m so glad you enjoyed the jazz music track in this post. Thank you for sharing about your experience with your friend and the writing—that you two were able to have share this beauty through writing even during a creative “dry” period.

      I’m familiar with Haruki Marukami but haven’t gotten around to reading yet. It’s so nice to spend quality time with people and with books. One day that can happen again, too 🙂. Thanks for visiting, I’m so glad to have you stop by for some sharing and connecting! 🌸

  7. Enjoyed reading your words and the vibrancy of your photos this month. I love the idea of a post that catalogs everything this month– smart! Thanks for Peppering along. 🙂

  8. You don’t need anything deep to say. It’s nice to just have an update and embrace the ordinariness of life. Thanks for all your good energy and also the list of posts to peruse.

  9. Dear Ka.. So happy to know you are well, and that your time has been utilised in finishing your School term, along with keeping Trim while looking after your special little gift…
    While you have been so busy writing every day in November… I decided to withdraw and spend more time nurturing myself in the month of November..
    We all need our space, and I think this year especially has been extra challenging in many ways for the whole world..
    It took me years to really ‘Get’ Jazz… lol…. and now I enjoy it…. but in my teen years I was more Top of the Pops girl…
    Now I enjoy my classical music…. And have become a fan of the Hang-drum as well as learning the guitar… ( which I play badly ) but I keep trying..

    Thank you for all that you have shared… Your love and kindness of spirit especially Ka..
    Love and well wishes…
    Sue ❤

    1. Yes, I’m finishing up the program, too! It’s been a long haul and plenty of rest and recovery headed my way soon. (After more board exams and longer study periods before that). Yea Sue, I figured you were in your self-nurturing space and delighted to have that confirmed by you. The jazz is also something I came to appreciate more fully as an adult. When I was younger I enjoyed blues notes and blues chords and blues lyrics. Basically the musics I liked were rooted in depth of feeling and could indeed be melancholic or seductive in some way. Once I had been traveling since the age of 15 and into my early 20s, I delved into inter-cultural fusion sounds. I played guitar at 16 and sang. I had a short time with drums as a teenager using my dad’s old set, and composing music on software. Then by the beginning of my 30s I was regularly drumming in groups with my djembe. But perhaps it all started with the flute at around 8 years old. I’m pleased to hear you keep playing guitar. I have stopped. The calluses need to build on the hands to play the steel-string. I’m sure you probably aren’t as bad as you say. Wasn’t it a gift from your son in-law for one Mother’s Day? I believe you wrote a blog post about it. I wish you the very best, Sue. Sending lots of love, musical hugs, Ka

      1. Yes the finger tips take a hammering…. lol…. and big smiles… I also played the flute in infants school… hehe…. Great to have your musical history….. Music is vibration of the soul… And I would find life empty without Song…and Rhythm.
        Yes my guitar was a gift.. My hubby was given it by a lady he did some work for. It was her sons, who had left to go to Australia, the guitar had strings all rusty and out of condition… I had been dreaming at the time the numbers 333…. and low and behold the guitar had embossed on the front 333… ( a child hood wish had always been to learn to play a guitar ) So I took it as a gift from the Universe..
        My Son in law is a musician, played in a band and he restrung it for me, and my daughter and he gifted me a guitar stand, and a metronome….
        You have a wonderful memory Ka….. And yes I wrote a blog piece..
        Sending huge hugs your way dear friend…. Enjoy that Little one every day… Lots of love Sue ❤

      2. Your reply reminded me of those elementary school years with the flutophone; some called it the recorder. I played that instrument in performances at school as well. Just two days ago while i was out exercising, I heard a boy in the neighborhood playing it. It made me so happy! Yes, singing then was my focus. I did a number of the duets at the school performances.

        Thank you for clarifying on your guitar and the symbolism and what it meant for you. It is indeed a gift from the universe! “333” I don’t doubt it! For me, my childhood dream might have been to learn the piano.

        I love my little one so much! She’s so precious and the best gift I’ve ever gotten, for sure 🙂 Another quite note, my most popular blog post this month was a bit musical. You might be interested in reading it since it really fits with our shared comments:

  10. I found this to be quite deep ‘I find life incredibly exciting, delicious, and full of opportunity. I also love blogging with all of you! I wish I had something deep to say, but I really don’t. I’m immersed in the ordinariness of life right now, of time management, of trying to squeeze out creativity where I can.’ And can definitely relate.

  11. Hi Ka, I just wanted to share that I really enjoyed reading about your year. It feels rich with what seem like simple unfoldings that actually have huge meaning and value. For instance, your feeling “comfortable with where I am in life, exactly as it is,” is huge to me. That’s not an easy thing for many people to say and it reflects on how much you’ve embraced and moved through in life. I love hearing and feeling that you are experiencing a relaxed way of life with less resistance, too. It sounds like a new peace has washed over you and that makes me happy. Motherhood I’m sure has played a big role in this and all of your creative energy bursting forth is wonderful to witness. I love your excitement, and like you, I feel inspired by the possibility too. Thank you dearly for sharing. It’s wonderful to read about the evolutions taking place from the collective changes shared.

    1. Thank you, Tania, for visiting and for reading my words here. You’ve understood me well: it really is about “simple unfoldings that actually have huge meaning and value.” Feeling comfortable where I am in life, exactly as it is, has been discovered through quite a bit of surrendering. This new peace didn’t lend itself to a lot of words to express itself. It feels tender, and new. I am delicate about my own place in it, protective. Yes, motherhood has filled my world, most completely on its own. The love that I feel is so immense and even enlightening. As with your rich journey, there is a lot of depth that’s expressed in how we navigate these passages of time. Thank you for your time and loving attention here. I am sending you much love. There is a collective process at work!

  12. Hi Ka! Wow! You did it! What a wonderful feat. I know you wondered at the start of the month (hard to believe that while I was away taking care of life the whole month has gone by and I wasn’t here!!) Anyway…congrats my friend!! 🙂 🙂
    What is that saying…”Life is what happens while we are busy planning other things.” Something like that. Sometimes the mundane aspects of living are where we find the most beautiful peace.
    Stay well, Ka. And take a nice breather 😉 Happy & Merry Everything to you and your family!! ❤

    1. Merry Everything to you and yours too, Lorrie! ♥️ 🌲 I got through this monthly blog challenge, and now next week is my last marathon week at school. I just got approved to finish up my whole program next week. It’s gonna be time to rest for a while after that, especially with this pandemic and unknown dates ahead. Please stay well and stay safe! Much love your way! Thank you so much for visiting and for sharing your wonderful energy. 💖 It’s always so nice connecting with you!

      1. A big GIANT congrats, Ka! It was no easy feat for you to accomplish all of this…a lot of hard work and dedication got you through. My sister got her doctorate last spring and right after…when she finally had time to rest and take it easy…she felt so empty. She got so used to running on empty that when she didn’t have to run…she was just empty.
        I know you understand self-care…I just want to offer a little warning to keep in your back pocket in your state of awareness.
        Much love, my friend. I am so proud of you!!!
        Love and light 🧡🌞🌻 (and of course flowers!!)

      2. Thank you, Lorrie! Yes, lots of dedication and persistence was required along with patience and pacing. I have been checking myself periodically through the years to ensure I don’t run on empty. Doing this monthly blog challenge was fun for me and gave me a chance to “fill up” in another way. I have other aspects of my life that are like this, that fill me up and/or balance me out. Time with my daughter, time with my husband, time connecting with friends. Time to just “be.” I’m looking forward to more time to just “be,” but I wouldn’t live without it. It’s key to getting me through. Also, I’ve returned to reading some fiction, which is also fun. Getting good exercise and eating well has also helped me through along with meditation and a lot of self-work *and* self-care! Writing poetry and drawing when I can, has also been very nutritive!

        A big Congrats to your sister! I hope she refuels really soon. For her it was during the beginning of the pandemic so it’s understandable she might have found herself that way. These are unique times with unique challenges! Thank you so much for the flowers!! I love flowers 💐 🌸 🌺 of all kinds 💖💖 Big blessings to you of peace and enjoyment 🙂

      3. Thanks, Ka! She is my baby sister…though she would hate that I said it that way! I am so proud of her. Because of Covid…we got to watch her defend via a zoom meeting. I was so very impressed 🙂
        I knew you would have things in place to make sure that you were taking good care of yourself. It is so important. I find that most times I am good at it and then something happens and it is almost like I have completely forgotten everything I know. Then the work to climb out of the well starts all over again.
        Sending all good things…and YES! I love all flowers too 😉

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