When I woke my voice was brittle—

The words came out,

but were easily broken.

I then sifted through the debris and emptied the sand from my hands, made up of

messages that, when undelivered,

had turned to dust.

With my warm dry hands I gently held my

throat and let my hands speak “you may not know how to voice

but I give you time. I give you space.

Your voice matters. Never give up. Let anyone try to silence you, but you will never again do it to yourself.”

*is anyone else having trouble with the editor? I did a copy and paste of my poem and the formatting would not fill one solid block. I’m not being too picky about format right now, because it’s not convenient to be. It expresses enough on its own.

11 thoughts on “speak.

  1. I have a lot of troubles with the editor. I don’t care for it at all but then again I’m not a big fan of tech “advances’ in general. Lovely poem~ poetry needs no ‘updates’❤.

    1. I’ve been trying to work around the editor, the best I can. It realize it’s beneficial for complex blog posts with a lot of different types of multi-media. But, my blog posts are very simple. Thank you, my dear! Wishing you well with everything you are working on! Congrats on your new book!

  2. I faced similar problem with the editor, don’t remember how exactly I made it work or not.

    Your poem is so gentle to read yet so clear and powerful to me – very beautifully done how we sometimes struggle to hear our own voice, and love the reminder to not give up, full of compassion and self love.

    1. I see now there is an option on my phone to use the classic editor. Yes, I usually work around it or just accept it.

      Thank you for your kind feedback about my poem. It matter so much because this is universal, and I want to reach out and touch others with my voice and self love. Xo

  3. A beautiful poem, Ka. This holding of ourselves when it seems the life in us we would offer falls on barren ground feels so important. So beautiful. To treasure knowing and desire and presence that is uniquely us, that flows from our unique tether to Being. I resonate with this, my friend.

    I think many of us are hearing and perhaps coming to know this sensation you’ve described. What I hear in these words is a trust in your self. A trust in who you are. There is value in the words, even if they come out dry and crumble. There is an urgency to give them life, regardless of how that life is seen or valued externally. This is what we need! This trusting is healing…

    Thank you,
    Blessings my friend!

    PS – Yes, the new WordPress interface and features are driving me nuts. On my admin page the old interface for comments recently transformed. I could no longer search comments, which I do sometimes to remember something, or to find someone. I had to do some web searching and eventually figured out there’s a way to restore the older comment interface. The new interface offers less information on the page, and less capabilities for organizing, editing and searching a comment history, so I don’t see the value in it. But somebody must! I’m just glad there are still ways to use the older versions or interfaces…

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