Pain drives us

Sometimes pain drives us to hide

from experiences that present possibilities for more pain

And other times, it helps steel our will

Stake a claim on creating a new vessel to

Live in.

Like a hermit crab, maybe it’s time to climb into a

New shell

Maybe forge one from fire;

My shell is changing

My flesh has reduced and my muscles are rising

Some of this is the consequence of sadness or

feelings of worry and despair, combined with work and determination after long pauses

I plan on making feelings of worry, fear, and despair my allies.

Even if empathic, they can be useful.

It occurred to me today that I don’t need to be useful to the world.

But that I would stake my claim of my place in this world by virtue of the fact that I AM living.

I will let pain drive me to new discoveries,

Relationships, and acceptance.

I will allow this transformation.

9 thoughts on “Pain drives us

  1. Surrender is extremely painful, but is also a sacred and powerful space of transformation. I can feel a sense of strength and resilience rise in you through these words Ka! Your ancestors would be proud of you. You def have the courage to transform and heal 🙏🏻💚💕

  2. I believe you are on the brink of something powerful here. The paradoxical making friends with your feelings of worry, fear, and despair, and acceptance will move your forward in the healing process. I remember having a chronic pain issue that I read had no cure. It was after I accepted the situation and sent love, love, and more love to that part of my body, that I got better. Sending warm thoughts and healing energy to you. ❤

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