Covid is bringing us together

You can focus on political division and human perspective, ideology and personality, or you can focus on the fact that all human experience on the planet is facing a changing, mutating virus (and many of them) which is causing society to adapt.

Regardless of what you think policies ought to be, Covid is changing our daily lives. People out sick, understaffing, and tremendous change is the new storyboard. Shamanically, we are shedding our skins and purging a great deal. We are developing more deeply as a human race. I don’t use the term evolve because it’s a scientific term and it means something differently than the way people colloquially mean it. I have a lot of respect for the scientific process. Science is a verb.

This virus has infected nearly everyone or at some point will; we will overcome it. I do believe we should protect our most vulnerable. I also believe that we can move forward, not focusing on talking heads, but focusing on the fact that a biological mechanism is affecting all of us either directly or indirectly.

I absolutely believe that “Covid” is bringing us together, even thought it might not seem like it.

21 thoughts on “Covid is bringing us together

  1. Vaccines and the end of quarantines do not imply that the impact of Covid-19 has ended. Its varied effects will be projected much more, say specialists. The confinement, loneliness, violence, dispute, poverty, worry, illness and death, paradoxically implied that it also brought us closer than ever to life. The people showed solidarity with the nurses and doctors of the first line of attention in the hospitals and many cases of help to the people who live on the street were seen. Good article. A hug.

    1. Thank you dear Manuel Angel,
      Focusing on the connection and seeing true heart emerge and develop into beautiful human expressions of love. A hug to you. 💗 I appreciate your words. We are closer to life than ever before as we use everything we have to value it. Each person has their (his or her) way. New systems and solutions will continue to emerge and we will ‘reach’ for more wisdom, knowledge, peace, and health…
      that will continue, too.

  2. I loved the distinction you made between evolution/science and the universal process of transformation we are all in. It is amazing to think how we are part of the entire planet’s collective experience evident in unison. A wondrous opportunity to take stock of what is available to us, our blessings and our tendencies. So good to read from you my friend. Much Love to you and your beautiful family.

    1. Hello Pragalbha,
      I’m thrilled by your comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leaving me with this wonderful message letting me know how you received my writing. While we do take stock of what is available to us, during “the Covid experience” (my term), as you so clearly understood, we are collectively seeing so much more in our “blessings and our tendencies,” as you say, which to me translates into more blessings of awareness and opportunity to review our tendencies. We are all joined by this common experience of “disruption” which is bringing us together! Even the very pathogen is traveling from person to person, a biological entity spreading and sharing its “wisdom;” I dare say. My hope is that we can see ‘even more’ where we ARE joined together, and be present to that. Much love to you and your beautiful family as well Pragalbha! I love reading your words. ❤ K

      1. “We are all joined by this common experience of “disruption” which is bringing us together! Even the very pathogen is traveling from person to person, a biological entity spreading and sharing its “wisdom;””

        Ah this is so brilliant how you said it dear Ka!! I burst into a smile – yes there is so much wisdom in what is being circulated, only if we are willing and open to be aware and not fixate on its outward appearance or description! There is so much Love and Oneness available through it all – I am thrilled too. I am so glad and grateful that my words came in resonance of your post, it is an absolute pleasure to converse with you 🙂

      2. 💗💗💗
        Your light is a bright one, Pragalbha. I am so glad I met you and we can go here and there, on and offline, and live our lives, and still touch base in this space of love and awareness. It’s a gift to know you. Spreading gratitude for your appreciation for my words, too. Thank you, Pragalbha. Looking forward to the next time with curiosity *and* How does it get any better than this?!

      3. You are so kind and make me feel and shine so bright my friend :))) Don;t you see it is your light that you are shining on me :)) True it is the most beautiful connection I share with you. How does it get any better than this my friend, what else is possible? :)))

  3. Reading the comments, I better understand your perspective Ka. I hope on a global, spiritual level we are growing more aware of our connection and need for each other. It seems to me we are growing more divided and closed off from each other and life.

    1. Hi Brad,
      I’m so grateful for the comments here and the opportunities we have to understand one another. We may not have the same perceptions about how we are experiencing what we “see” globally, but that does not limit us from being in one another’s company and drinking deeply the experience of the planet right now—However we “receive it.” There is a lot of strife and hardship right now for many people, and I do not wish to glaze over that, nor say that each individual or group is acting and behaving with respect or kindness, but so much to say: I personally truly see how this Covid phenomenon is sweeping through us all, directly or indirectly (pathogen or through family, friends, news, neighbor, work, policy, you name it…) bringing us together in a much bigger picture. Has there ever been an event so comprehensive to affect each and every country, knowing no borders? Keep reaching for life, and know it in your heart. I know you are one to always be seeking more kindness and love, and to be that example. My love to you, Brad. Thank you for Wanting to understand my perspective! Thank you for reading! All my best wishes to you, Brad!

  4. Well said, Ka. It is certainly a global phenomenon in which so many and so much are being revealed. It is interesting how it will not end on our terms, isn’t it!? We keep wanting to say, “Okay, in the rearview…” This notion of “normalcy” and getting back to it as soon as possible just continues to be deflated, punctured, run over, etc., and I find that to be one of the most interesting aspects of this. Also it highlights in a simple and very obvious way that what we do is never just about us alone… Our actions affect others. “I” may be safe relatively speaking, but should I not care about those around me? So many of these embedded thought patterns are shimmering in the light of day!

    Thank you for bringing your light to this most interesting time and topic, Ka! You have such a beautiful heart!


    1. Hi Michael,
      I think endings might be imaginary to a certain extent, more like transformations. When you say “okay, in the rearview…” I even see myself do that when I say “during the pandemic” (and I’m referring more to 2020)! We are still “in it” and yet aren’t we still in everything we’ve ever been a part of? The desire to neatly package our experiences is a natural psychological adaptation I think. We are trying to build a story around what we think we learned, so it can be over already and in the past! Alas! We are still learning, adapting and becoming more clear that normalcy might need to be defined as “settled” or “predicable.” To a certain extent we do need predictability in our lives. Like I expect my couch to be in the place where it is when I go and sit on it. That’s an extreme example, but I think you get my point that for practical purposes, predictability helps us to build, take action, and plan, etc. Now to your piece about how our “I” actions affect our collective—absolutely. We have to consider and balance social responsibility with individual freedom. It’s not an either/or proposition. It’s both, I think.

      Thank you so much for visiting, Michael! You added such great points and considerations that also crossed my mind but hadn’t put into words quite as you had. I’m curious what’s next, Michael, I really am. I’m engaged with life in a new way and I’m grateful for that approach I can now take, that I couldn’t, for whatever reason, take before. I wonder how that will affect others as well!! My very best wishes to you and your family my friend as we continue to share the fabric of this awesome adventure we are sharing of continued discovery.

  5. Interesting perspective on the word, “evolve.” I tend to use that word but develop feels better. So many times, something awful turns into something good. Your insight gives me hope this global pandemic one of those situations. We do need to be brought together.

    1. Thank you for reading and “listening” JoAnna! Absolutely agree with you that something awful turns into something good. It’s those times when we are walking the path of awful that we most have to remember that. So many times it’s other people who hold that vision for us. It’s perfect that way.

  6. This is a such a great reminder to look at the blessing of everything. Thank you for this post. May we always remain in the energy of love and remain connected to humanity! 🙂

    1. Your response means a lot. Thank you. I really think we can focus more on the unity than the division, while seeing both, and deeply knowing that—this is part of the challenge of growing together! 💗🙌🏻 Sometimes when we grow together, it doesn’t look pretty for a little while, but one day it all up-levels, and we just keep going and improving and joining each other where and when we can.

      1. You are a wise wise soul my dearest! I always appreciate your words of wisdom and how you bring things together. We are understanding that life is about community, oneness and being present.
        I hope you are shining that beautiful soul always xo

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