Archive Adventure: Elephant babies, ears, art

Baby Elephant at the San Diego Zoo, taken with iPhone zoom –not the best resolution

Before I was pregnant with my now-daughter, I had so many beautiful experiences letting me know what was on its way. My life often forecasts for me. It’s like a prophetic way of knowing your own life. There’s a “wind” of experience that blows through me gently and lets me know what is on its way. In the case of my daughter, her spirit had been with me since my 20s. Yet her spirit was yet in personality form. Now I am watching that personality grow! The elephants have always been a part of her journey; one of her many totems. We share this elephant messenger as well.

This is a picture of one of the most wonderful Turkish coffees I’ve ever had. Note the elephant.

Archives of 2018, sketch for unknown reasons (the best kind)
elephant ear plant
Look at how the light shines through!
Elephant Ear Varieties
Elephant Ear Plant

The image above is of an Elephant Ear Plant, as noted in the caption. These are not my pictures, but the rest above are. The drawing of mine and the meditation for me this morning is on this image of an elephant year (keeping typo). My love for nature has me nudged in sharing more:

Elephant Ear Tips to Proper Growing
The two main issues that may arise when caring for your alocasia plants are; dry air and cool temperatures. Elephant ears are tropical plants so are used to very warm, humid conditions. These things can be hard to replicate inside our homes so we’ve come up with some top tips to help you out: Your plant will appreciate medium-high humidity, to help increase humidity daily you can do the following:

Temperature and Humidity

1. Place a tray of pebbles with water underneath your plant to evaporate.

2. Mist your plant daily.

3. Place near a humidifier.

Problems with Elephant Ears:

• Brown leaves: Brown leaves on the Elephants Ear plant could be caused by two problems: Overwatering or the cold. Check your watering schedule and ensure that the soil is moist and not soggy. Check that the plant is placed in an area where it is warm enough, 15°C or more.

• Leaves are dry and/or crispy: Dry, crispy leaves are caused by low humidity. Increase humidity to address this.

• Crown, leaf spot, and stem or root rot: These diseases are caused by overwatering and usually appear as dark brown or black spots on the leaves surrounded by a yellowish rim. To prevent this, avoid over-watering, keep the leaves dry, and provide it with good air circulation. If your plant does get infected, immediately remove the infected and damaged leaves. Treat it with an organic Fungicide.

• Pale/Patchy brown leaves: This is caused by too much light, usually direct sunlight. This may also occur if you have moved the plant from a dark area to a very bright area too quickly. The plant may have been unable to adapt to its new surroundings sufficiently.

• Pests: to prevent an invasion of Mealy Bugs, Scale, Aphids or Spider mites you can spray your plant with warm soapy water every few weeks. This will also keep the large leaves dust free. If you do find that you have an infestation of pests, spray the plant with an ultra-fine insecticidal oil, such as Neem Oil. This will kill the pests as well as the egg.

Elephant Ear Plant Toxicity:
NOTE: The Elephants Ear plant is very poisonous and should be kept away from children and pets.


Lisa Hannigan Undertow

For 2022, I’m going to attempt the following format: “Adventure Achives” contains material of mine previously unpublished. I will include information about a plant I want to highlight, and a new song that has become highlighted in my life as a new favorite.

9 thoughts on “Archive Adventure: Elephant babies, ears, art

  1. Look at how the light shines through! – I loved reading this caption and the picture too!
    So beautiful how you describe your daughter’s personality and her presence in spirit form, truly beautiful, it brought me a deep smile :)) Lovely connection with the elephants, I am always in awe of how all of this comes to be!

    1. Clearly you have good taste!! 😉
      And, certainly that does not surprise me!

      Thank you, Shay

      I really love the song. I couldn’t post the official video because of copyrights, but you should watch that too. You’ll love it: the filmography is fantastic! Lisa Hannigan has such a vibrant voice and her harmony feat. Loah—the two together are brilliant ✨✨

  2. Maternity seen and conceived in the way you experienced it, is an event surrounded by a halo of unique spirituality. The photo of the elephants is great. Everything was written for you and how good it came out of the best. Greetings.

  3. I LOVE the voices in Undertow which I had not heard before now. My outdoor elephant ears have done better than ever over the past two summers. I’ve had to dig up the ones spreading into pathways and move them. Their above ground parts die off in the winter and the plants return in the spring. Now that I have a dog, I’ll have to keep an eye on things. Elephants are mysterious and so wise. I hope we can learn to care for and respect all of them.

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