Loving ache

My body is a gorgeous contour of land

with hills and springs

and valleys;

its slopes are shifts of light and shadow,

dualities of majestic flow.

My hair is soft and flowing; unbroken,



My feet are lightship anchors, gravity defiers–

alien technology

The moat that is my aura is filled with precisely designed

drawbridges, high-quality transparent, translucent material

that bulges and and softens

I am made of all colors of the rainbow

from seneca red to deep sea purple urchin,

and my heart reflects that loving ache that exists everywhere.

** While I plan for our ReBlogathon in the back of my head– where is that anyways, exactly!? (because there’s a whole detailed workforce there, and the secretary of my cerebellum keeps the grace in order with keeping my body moving in space, while my thalamus selectively tosses all the mail in its properly labeled boxes) I figured out what my first reblog will be. I haven’t made a schedule yet. What will yours be? Will I make a schedule (that I’m not planning to share)? I don’t know yet.

❀ With Aroha and Aloha —–

Looking forward to that Scorpio Solar eclipse…. the sensuality oozes. It’s time to take a deep dive! For me, it means returning to all that I am.

one. slow. carefully placed step. at. a. time.

Savoring this immersion into November. But! I don’t want to miss all that is ‘right now,’ so I won’t! Easy. done.

Happy Blogging, blog fam!!!

Image by Holga Jen: Here

11 thoughts on “Loving ache

  1. Beautiful poem! It reminds me of a workshop where we learned about praise poems and wrote praise poems about ourselves. Your descriptions are unique, especially how you describe your feet, aura, and hair. My hair is soft and gatherable, too. Something I previously took for granted but appreciate.

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