Do Stats Talk?

Hi, I’m chiming in today because anytime that I sit down and spend just a little bit of time on the blog (blogging around), my mind get filled with content. So, all that meditation I’m doing is really helping, right?! WINK~ to those who hear me and know the truth of this!

I am not a big stats person. If I were, I would spend time looking at them and cultivating them. I have nothing, absolutely nothing against stats, by the way. I can also see myself becoming a stats person–just for fun. (Like, everything I do, is just. for. fun.).

But, do stats talk?

Here’s something funny. When I started my blog. I wasn’t interested in getting comments on it. Before you judge me (and I doubt that you are the type to judge) just hear me out. It was so nerve-wracking to just even be in a place where other people existed. I was sharing astrology information, my style of doing it. This was before astrology literally blew up online. This was where everyone ended up on youtube right afterwards talking about what the stars had in store. Was I doing personal readings? Yes. I had been doing personal readings for years (even decades) and I was doing them at first, very informally. You don’t need to have a long sit-down conversation with somebody to help them out. I find that even with a glance at their chart– you can offer a few brief comments (observations that can come in the format of questions) that could plant a very important seed. That seed will turn into a plant, and then blossom.

But Stats, do they talk? Comments talk.

So, anyways, I got over the issue of comments by realizing that I was here to ‘make friends’ and not necessarily sell anything to anybody. Why would I want to ‘sell,’ besides, I figured if that’s just boring me– don’t do it. YAY! Good decision. Another thing that happened with astrology is that people sometimes want to know and consult on things that I don’t find are deep questions (not so interesting to me). This may sound like a judgement and I’m sorry, but I was bored with the “How long will I be single?” or “When will I get over my boyfriend?” or questions that were more about manipulating life rather than facing it, developing oneself, etc. So, I knew I didn’t want to counsel any more at that point on astrology; at least, not to work with those questions. Also, I didn’t want to read people their natal chart and “tell them who they are.” I wasn’t into that style, either. Finally, I got bored of talking to globally about astrology: here’s what y’all should be feeling/seeing kind of stuff. Also, not really my style!

What about stats? Do they talk?

Yes. and. no.

Stats are silent and do not tell you “VALUE.” They are valuable only if you can put a number or quantity to each stat (so more stats need to be added to make stats meaningful–math people, I know yah feel me. But if you and me are anything alike–we don’t want to be a stat. Stats are how big organizations make decisions. Stats are used in public policy. Stats are big trends. But in a small world, how much do you think stats talk? Does looking at stats help you to value your own blog? Do you judge others by their stats or comment #s? It doesn’t for me. If it did–I would have stopped in 2011, the same year that I started.

However, I have gotten tremendous value from blogging. This is something that someone looking at stats, would never see. Blogging is my background, it’s my thing I do no matter what. I’m in love with blogging even more than I ever was. Why? Because:

People talk. People are fascinating. People are awesome! I am here, because of you!!! So if you are getting bored with blogging, I hope I can entice you to keep doing what you are doing, and let the moment pass. You will fall in-love AGAIN.

The reason for my REBLOGATHON in November is many. The first reason, is that I am celebrating my blog that built from March 2011 re-birthdayed in August 2022 (near my birthday) and I want to go back… and celebrate my purpose for being here. Please join me. Share your favorites.

What do you think about stats? Do they motivate you, or vice versa? Let’s be real. Please. Love you.

photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

For anyone who read my first post with the all those typos: I am sorry. I had way too many of them. Hopefully most of them are fixed now.

9 thoughts on “Do Stats Talk?

  1. Loving this perspective on stats and how you approach stats in relation to why you write! Also love the idea of a reblogathon, as it feels like a great way to honor what you have accomplished and how you have grown. 🙂

  2. Like you Ka…. I never give stats a second thought.. In fact I am extremely surprised some days on my visit to my blog I have a message telling me I have had more visitors an hour with that little arrow lol…
    My reason I began my blog way back has not changed…
    I just wanted to make a little difference, by sharing some positive energies on this our Earth experience..
    The Great Quality of Blogging, is the friendships I have formed here over the years….
    I am not as regular a visitor or do I post half as often as I once did….
    But the community of friends within our close circle is priceless..
    So thank YOU for also being part of that circle dear Ka….
    Sending Hugs your way ❤

  3. To tell the truth, in my university studies, I always avoided what had to do with statistics. It wasn’t my forte and I didn’t read about it afterwards. The only thing that remained for me was that I agreed that statistics education has to be adapted for each public or profession to at least know how to validate the results. Interesting your article KA. A big hug.

  4. Great topic for discussion Ka. When I started blogging, I did not know about stats. I wanted to write and hope someone other than my friends and family would check it out. When comments and likes happened, it was exciting. But like you, the joy of writing and becoming a part of blogging community was what kept me here. I never imagined that blogging what bring me friends, many who have been with me since the beginning! I did not know I would be following blogs and meeting people. Having said all that, I find stats to be helpful at times. I get to see which posts are viewed most often and if people click on links or download the free ebooks on the site. They do not define me and sometimes they can be distracting, but I would be lying if I said I did not notice them. BTW I may be joining you for November’s ReBloga- palooza.

    Happy Saturday,

    Linda ❤

    1. Thank you so much for chiming in on this topic, Linda

      YAY!!! It will be an absolute pleasure to blog along with you in this way. Also your birthday month 🙂 Wee. I’m delighted to hear it, know it.

      Maybe stats can help you (and me) along your (our) way to make decisions. Thank you for understanding that I didn’t have many conclusions around stats, but it’s fun to explore the topic–that was my goal. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us.

      I am ever so grateful that you and I became friends. I appreciate your thoughts and expressions very much. ❤

  5. I get this, Ka! I can remember the first time I got a comment on my blog and I was ecstatic…not because it would become a stat but because it was a connection with a real human…someone I probably would never have met but for this form of communication.
    Do I look at stats…yes. Do they mean anything…I suppose they mean something, but I would much rather have a conversation and connection.
    When I first started my blog, I was much more present. Then I got so busy that I was barely posting once a month! And every time I would come back in, I would realize how much I missed it! I try to be more present, but it is a balancing act…that’s for sure!
    Anyway…I agree wholeheartedly friend! I love blogging!!
    Sending lots of love and light ❤

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, Lorrie. We sure do go through a series of experiences while writing on a blog. Blogging is one of the most marvelous creations we get to enjoy of our current technological world. I am so grateful for it. The friendships, the alongtogetherness, it’s unspeakable and yet it’s fun to blab about how great it is. That human connection is what it is all about. You nailed it, Lorrie. And, here we are ❤ and here we will be (whenever time lets us) and what does it mean to be present with our blogs? You gave me more food for thought, there. Thank you xoxo

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