Field of Sunflowers, Happy Bee — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day12)

Photography ©2017 Ka Malana

Field of Sunflowers, Happy Bee — Fiesta Estrellas

Another one of my pleasures is photography. Photography changes so quickly. It’s been a long time since I got to enjoy being inside of a dark room. The calm silence and the enjoyment of the trickling water in a mostly silent room, dunking my finished photo in the fixer with my tongs and the sensation of the feeling of the photo through the tongs with the touch of its rubbery ends against the glossy texture of the image. I even miss the smell of the chemicals and that red light. I miss the red light the most. A darkroom was a peaceful place to be. Click the link above for all the photos… You will be happy you washed your eyes with abundant sunflowers…

When I photographed the headlining photo, I was taken by the angles of the colors of the different aspect of the image. I could make an abstract painting based off of this photo.

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