Unconditional — Fiesta Estrellas

*Unconditional* This poem has me in a loving gasp for air that meets me in the center of my soul and gently says “let go” and burrows in for a longer show of moving Spirits inward, connecting joining in my heart the real of love.

Unconditional — Fiesta Estrellas

Themes of self love emerged throughout my blogging experience the past 11+ years. I accidentally stumbled onto the poem I wrote this morning while I was trying to email subscribe to another blog. I was getting an error message which took me down a rabbit hole which led to me deleting a number of pending requests. The pending requests led to others’ inactive blogs. At the bottom of the well, so to speak, I saw that somehow I was subscribed to my own post, a poem, called, “Unconditional.” This wasn’t my intended reblog post for the day. So I will add it as bonus material. I hope you can find the love in it, for you.

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