My birthday gift to myself: a blogging hiatus — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day14)

Hello friends, As my birthday approaches, and my life has changed in a new influx of abundance with the birth of my daughter, and projects that demand my full attention, I think more about scaling down my life. I’ve started going through my emails, and reducing and eliminating every subscription, that even if I have […]

My birthday gift to myself: a blogging hiatus — Fiesta Estrellas

I am reblogging this post as a reminder that I did step away from my blog for moments. I always returned. I know I will always return now. I have the confidence in this that I have developed over time. I am glad I took my breaks when I needed to. Also, each and every one of you commented here back then, have meant so much more to me than you knew at the time, or even now!!! I love blogging. I will blog until I die. Whoo HOO! 🙂 For those of you who are ready for a break, I completely understand. There are so many shifts in life, so many. We have to move with the times and the moments that we need to do. I will be here blogging and waiting for you to return..

Right now I am not taking a blogging break. However, I am not able to visit all your blogs as much as I would like. I am doing better than I thought I would, though. It’s almost that mid-month crunch, and I’m just about to find a day to get caught up–as my days keep getting filled with patients, administrative tasks/business work, parenting, house cleaning, and hopefully I can get to transplanting my plant babies very soon! I will keep blogging throughout the month–but just know that I will have to do some catch up with you and yours ❤

16 thoughts on “My birthday gift to myself: a blogging hiatus — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day14)

  1. The most important thing in life is the birth of a child. It was 33 years ago that my third son came into the world and it is as if it were yesterday and despite the fact that times change, the illusion and joy is the same. Pausing the blog is sometimes necessary to give a new impetus to our activities. So, it is understandable that you have to do it. I hope everything goes well with your plans and projects. A hug Kai.

  2. I get it. I am way behind on replying to comments and reading other blogs. I want to read more of the peppers and get to know them better. This is easier to do when I blog weekly or less. What I find is whenever I take a substantial blogging break is that I need to come back. My soul pushes me to write. Almost as essential as air. However you are also a wife and mom. There is only so many hours!
    My hat is off to those that blog daily all year long like Eddie and Seed bud and countless others.



      1. Project indeed! I am very excited for you. I resumed acupuncture yesterday with a new practitioner after the car accident. I am not sure he is the right fit and I was wishing I lived nearby and could work with you! I bet you are awesome mixing skill and precision with intuitive energy and ❤️

    1. Yes, Linda. My soul also compels to write and to make art. I plan on doing a lot more of it all in the future. I also consider taking daily blogging (or most days) blogging with me into the future. There are only so many hours, but I might want to do that stretch, because I enjoy being here. I also enjoy yoga and stretching, lol. HAH..

      I am so glad that you took on some of the blogs. I feel what you wrote and shared has been very favorable for you and your journey continues, beautifully. Your journey is a story to be written for others to read! You are a wonderful writer and astrologer (and human). I really hope you continue to blog as much as possible. It’s really good for you, I think. And, it’s good for the collective.

  3. It’s a good reminder that we can’t do everything and have to take time and prioritize what we can. I always appreciate your visits, Ka, as I know you’re so busy! Sending love xo

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