Art, poetry and dudes, with Ka Malana — Fiesta Estrellas (reBLOGaton Day15)

The dudes interviewed me!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Art, poetry and dudes, with Ka Malana — Fiesta Estrellas

Hello Friends! I don’t know what happened to the original post, but I was so so so happy to be interviewed by those snarky little dudes at Shehanne Moore’s Smexy historical romance domain. Honestly, I can’t think of a better honor. I didn’t really have any time to promote my 2017 debut poetry book, Art for Art, at the time when I wrote it. In fact, I don’t think I ever really did get around to promoting it. Promotion is something that a person has to learn to do. It’s an art in and of itself. You know who is an incredible authoress and human, though?! Shehanne Moore

Her dudes have been making me laugh since about 2016-2017 when I started reading her blog. She hosts very interesting authors and artists. She hosts a perfect variety of intriguing and talented authors, and she always supports her clan. Sheyis top-notch for supporting her clan. Reading about her adventures in Dundee has been really fun over the years. There’s always a lot to learn from her because she’s very knowledgeable. She and her husband, Mr. Shey ;), have put on some spectacular plays which she has also shared and written about on her blog throughout the years. She even helped me try out a new genre called historical romance (which she writes well, I might add). For one, I never really read romance, nor history.. but The Unraveling of Lady Fury had me pleasantly surprised. Her heroines aren’t typical–that’s why they are definitely worth the read. Did you hear that Lady Fury went Manga!? My, my my that was all the way back in 2019!!! How cool is that?! Who writes a historical romance and has it go Manga? Shey. The post includes holiday pictures (and it’s almost that time of year again!).

Anyways, thank you for visiting my reBLOGathon celebration month’s daily post. Half-way there! At the end, I will link them all up in one post so that you don’t miss anything–then I will be running around December visiting everyone’s blog like a quick & focused ghost, phantoming my comments upon your page. I will be the ghost of Christmas past, present and future… LOL–and I’ll write in real letters and not just “haunt” you nicely… but comment nicely 😉 Because I love reading your blogs! ❤ I love blogging, and I am celebrating so much, so much, my friends ❤ Until we meet again, tomorrow, I bid thee, good day ::tips hat::

Each year (for a while, maybe since 2019?) I have teamed up with the Cheer Peppers to blog every day of the month in November. Click the link below for their posts. I chose the theme of ReBLOGathon, but they might be posting their own themes or randoms 🙂 Enjoy

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