Your Attention, Please?

What size am I?

How big is my heart?

What’s the right fit for me, where should

I put my attention?

When you have a lot to give,

isn’t it best to focus on where you

make the greatest contribution?

Don’t waste that precious energy.

I like to ask myself questions out loud.

I’m not afraid of you.

This question asking isn’t just an activity for the young.

I can be open like this, I can be vulnerable: I choose it.

I’m not afraid of the public, nor of sounding less

than brilliant.

I am not here to impress you.

I just want to know where I fit–how to stop wasting my time.

How to make this life 1000000% useful, the biggest impact,

I am the greatest force, leveraged with the right attention.

Attention is everything.

So is relaxing and asking questions

to redirect myself.

So here I am.

Image Credit: Nick Fewings: Unsplash

22 thoughts on “Your Attention, Please?

      1. I like that you said that, Brad! That’s often the case. We think we got an answer: no answer. But when we ask and ask with the hope of an answer, we open up the possibility that fresh energy can come in. We are no longer sure of the silence on the other end… we doubt the thing that really needs doubting: response.

    1. Brad, you’ve got me thinking: 1. It’s not too late. 2. Maybe there’s not one definitive answer. Maybe the answers can change over time, or even day by day.

  1. “This question asking isn’t just an activity for the young.” I’ve been asking myself (and God) this question a lot more since I retired from my career. It’s hard with so many interests and possibilities to narrow down what I do with the time and energy I have left. But it is important to make the most of our time, including relaxing and asking which, for me, is like exploring. Thanks for mentioning relaxing.

    1. I think that the relaxing allows for both the questions and the answers. Time is precious so we do have to prioritize. There can be some anxiety around it. For example, I have a patient with terminal cancer. Being a witness to the process and also being of service. Valuable remissions can grant more time but the unknowns remain. Whether we are aware we are dying or not, we are all dying because no one knows how much time they have. Sorry if that got too morose. My point is that these are practical questions. When we are young we are more apt to ask “who am I? What am I here for?” At least I did—and it think it’s necessary to keep on being pertinent and asking… again, relaxing is being present and being really alive. You might also generate more life by relaxing. Ever think of that?

      1. I might also generate more life by relaxing. I did not think of it in quite that way, but it makes sense – restoring energy, reflecting. Relaxing is valuable. Thank you for sharing this insight. And yes, it’s part of reality that we don’t know how much time we have… and all the other unknowns. Life sure is interesting. 🙂

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