Your Attention, Please?

What size am I?

How big is my heart?

What’s the right fit for me, where should

I put my attention?

When you have a lot to give,

isn’t it best to focus on where you

make the greatest contribution?

Don’t waste that precious energy.

I like to ask myself questions out loud.

I’m not afraid of you.

This question asking isn’t just an activity for the young.

I can be open like this, I can be vulnerable: I choose it.

I’m not afraid of the public, nor of sounding less

than brilliant.

I am not here to impress you.

I just want to know where I fit–how to stop wasting my time.

How to make this life 1000000% useful, the biggest impact,

I am the greatest force, leveraged with the right attention.

Attention is everything.

So is relaxing and asking questions

to redirect myself.

So here I am.

Image Credit: Nick Fewings: Unsplash