Agita Full Moon in Gemini

This full moon has us in a weird way. Just take a look at the chart above. You’ve got Mars and the Moon forming a conjunction that is less than an orb apart. This is a *very* close conjunction. Mars the planet of fire is heating up the moon in all sorts of ways. Those ways could be Gemini–neighbors, short distance-travel, language, siblings, local community, tools, and mobility or even transportation issues. Mars is in Retrograde–so the planet is in its “inverted position.” This is has zero ‘objective’ meaning in astronomy, but in astrology it has subjective meaning (I argue here that subjective meaning can be shared). The meaning historically is that the planets energies could be blocked externally–with retrograde planets. This could be that the energies and challenges are mostly inward and emotional; there’s extra aggressiveness internally, or sense of urgency that cannot be quelled easily. So, practice your deep breathing!

Look over at Jupiter and Neptune. They are both in an approx 7 degree orb of conjunction (for these transpersonal planets –those that are further away from our personal planets, in astrology), this conjunction has significance–mixing those energies together. A couple of days ago I posted about the sea. These planets have the same ancient (Jupiter) and modern ruler (Neptune) in Pisces. The energies have to do with the flighty depths of the sea–dealing with themes of escape or surrender, emergence into the ineffable and indistinguishable–dissolved, if you will. Jupiter and Neptune planetary themes can also deal with miracles, changes in fortune, and spiritual emergence. The goal is to locate and prevent addiction to illusions and lost causes. However, these planets are in a T-square with the Mars/Moon combination in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. (which is important because this is a FULL MOON in GEMINI) Mercury is at 1degree 51 min of Capricorn, READ as Capricorn 2. The Sabian Symbol is “Three Stained Glass Windows, One Damaged by Bombardment.” Here is an interesting break down of that on a YouTube channel.

If you have been reading my blog in the last week *and* paying attention. Reflect back to my post red hair. There is the stained-glass. I didn’t plan this, plan on posting these old paintings of mine during this time when the themes are completely in-tune with the astrology. However, here it is. The stained-glass is evident in my work of art. Listen to this link above for the Sabian Symbol’s elucidation. I hope you find all this as interesting as I do. Consciousness–“awarding significance to items of beauty… we find our belonging.” That quote taken from the youtube video about the Sabian Symbol.

I’ve often struggled to find my belonging–to share my true self [and be seen!]. I look back at my old paintings now, and I see tremendous beauty, and I hope that takes me into the inspiration of producing more of them. I “gave up” too may times in my life. I will not give up any more. You will see me again and again. I will not go away. 🙂

This Full Moon connects directly back (by trine) to my natal Mars and Pluto conjunction. I think that this moon is the message for me to keep delving deeply into my own themes and not look for other people to make the connections that I need to make. I am making them. I’m building my voice in order to share them (Gemini).

Questions to think about:

When can we be with art when war is at hand?

How can be protect the art, our energy, and our resources and our values in a way where we can join with community and feel a sense of belonging? What I find beautiful you may not find beautiful. At this point I need to make whatever art comes and is begging to be released…

These are things to think about. I wish you a safe full moon in Gemini. If you are interested in working with me in terms of astrological consultation, I’d be happy to do so. I have been offering my services for years. Please click the link on the contact section of my blog. I am happy to help you.