ReBLOGathon Day10 Drawing/Art

This isn’t really a reblog because I don’t think I ever blogged about the drawings that I’ve had up on my WordPress blog, on the right side. If you are looking at my blog through your phone app, you might not even see them.

Back when I was a teenager, I used to draw figures for $5 at the local college with a live model. It was like a 3 hour session. Amazing, right?! I always enjoyed drawing the skeleton in art classes, and my other favorite was drawing for biology classes in middle school and anatomy and physiology class in high school.

The lower drawing is from after about a 20 year hiatus in drawing. It’s a still life. Since then I’ve had another 6 year hiatus–with little to no drawing. There have been occasional attempts to be regular about it, but those attempts failed with my other studies and general life stuff. I think in 2023, I’ll make drawing a priority again. I’m hoping to come back as an artist one day soon. I have a lot of ideas and really do enjoy making art. I’m slowly preparing the place for it in my life where I can really dig in. Back in my early 20s I had an installation exhibit in Pittsburgh as part of a shared vision. I know I can begin again anew, and I look forward to it. Thanks for viewing and reading.

I just noticed that I’m publishing this blog post at 11:11 on 11/11/22 Wow, that wasn’t even planned until the last minute 🙂

Growing time

The title for my blog post can be taken so many ways. Here’s the way I meant it: i want to grow Time like a healthy plant, like thyme, or an ivy, or a eucalyptus delugpta. I want to see it’s taproots pierce the soil with life lowering deep into the ground, anchoring the sprouts above ground. I want to grow time like I would grow a seed into a seedling and then eventually a tree. Time that makes me think of ship anchors and trapeze acrobats. Time that makes the joys of the earth and that of heaven consistent and bridge-able!

I rarely give myself time to draw. For this image, I gave myself the length of a song by Donovan, 4 min. This Donovan song came on during “The Queen’s Gambit,” a fantastic Netflix series about a female chess prodigy. Immediately the song clicked in with me when I heard it, like a drug I needed more of. I needed to listen to the whole thing, the fantasty of the lyrics and the bluesy moves of the notes. I still don’t know what the song means. Apparently Donovan wrote it as an apology to his friend.

I think it’s the harpsichord that gets me, or maybe it’s the sound of Donovon’s voice. Regardless, there’s so much untapped expression to be harnessed. I’m glad I found 4 min to do this. It’s really important for me to do *any* drawing for me, but it always gets placed at the end of my list. I wonder why. I know why. This drawing isn’t the important thing. If you look at it, it doesn’t contain very much, but it is the fact that I did Something.

Just the touch of one swirl across the page builds enough energy in me to fuel all my future dreams. Just one! So, it doesn’t take much, maybe it’s too easy to feel, to get consumed by it. Maybe it’s perfect and delicious, and exactly what I needed. Maybe the craving for more is the beginning of all things…. desire. Tis the season for abundance, magic and growing time!

I would never want to grow time without music! Music is like “coloring in” time. It gives the moments that pass, the ability to dance. It’s an opportunity to dance. Music is dancing. Time is free to groove or languish through music.