Neptune – Poseidon – Sea SpIRIT’s KinGDoM



We’ve got a New Moon rising on the dark horizon. She’s busy going inward. And, as she slinks into the darkness, she is actually helping us ALL clear the canvas and paint the picture of what we Spiritually need to “see” in our lives. On top of that, Mercury is going direct, and right back into Pisces. Who could ask for more…. Pisces?  🙂 (smiley face)

“Men (and Women) Seeking Illumination” — Sabian Symbol for Pisces 11

With all the Pisces energy I’ve got in my natal chart, coupled with the current Piscean trends… I’ve been swimming a lot. Not to mention that his current Piscean New Moon is conjunct Neptune!  My natal chart has Sun trine Neptune in Sagittarius on my 10/11th house cusp. Neptune, in this lifetime, will be transitting my 1st house for 27 years! And, much of it, will be in the sign of Pisces. Yes, my Placidus 1st house/7th house is huge, and Neptune slow and nebulous… ( which is why I must use ellipses)

I’ve been working on more projects than I want to mention–and I totally love them!!!

In all this inspiring energy… I must take a breath, because I have an exam to prepare for… and because, I just like to *breathe.*  Now more than ever, I’m very aware of how perfect everything already is… and the Virogic experience of slicing and dicing only serves to prove that all is exactly as it should be–

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  I don’t need to polish my post today. I love it already. Today, I get to just *show up* and be here with you all, sharing in that beautiful, all-encompassing energy and expansiveness that is Pisces.  The Virgo/Pisces axis is about busting illusions, and learning to feel deeply loved in the imperfect/perfect version of ourselves that we are–

Blessed be, YOU ALL…. ❤   My Orchid wanted to say “Hi.” Remember, feel the beauty inside you!