My new yoga mat has words

New Yoga Mat

This weekend I got myself a new yoga mat.

Who’d have thought that wrapped inside my new yoga mat would be Lao Tsu?

It reads, “The One Who Knows Others is Learned; the One who Knows One-

Self is Wise.”

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen text on a yoga mat. *And* I will be bringing it to class! When I started to see the words as I unfurled it for the first time, I had my knee-jerk reaction, “oh great, what’s this gonna say that I’m stuck with?!” *sigh of relief*  I completely agree with you, Lao Tsu! Lao Tsu, by the way, is anonymous. No one knows who Lao Tsu was FOR SURE.

Time to prepare for Leo – the lion ~ Where all the roaring and leadership is within. Trust me. No one ever pays attention to me!  Oh, wait, isn’t that such Leo thing to say?

Express yourself to the fullest extent that is possible to yourself. You’ll find that some of your best feedback is right there coming from your soft-belly center. The Unity of your experiences is best left to the voice who speaks when no one is watching.

What good can you do when nobody notices? What fulfillment do you get from just simply living your life in a happy, child-like way?

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