Pluto Retrograde

Hello, Shadow, dancing over there…

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Pluto goes into retrograde station on April 9, 2011 at 7 Capricorn 30, and then Station’s Direct on September 16, at 4 Capricorn 53.

I don’t think I realized it until this year that Pluto Retrograde is my favorite time of the year  =) usually lasting for about 6 months or half a year.  I might be realizing my good fortune now because Pluto stations retrograde conjunct my natal Part of Fortune, giving me ample opportunity to milk this one hardy and delicate spot on my birth-chart! Thank you, Pluto!

During Pluto Retrograde: increased are the powers of personal regeneration.  Improved is one’s own potential for deep transformation.  Reduced is the outward expression of Pluto/Power, and obsession.  Increased is the ability to harness any powers that seem to be used against you, realizing that power is you. You are the resistance, and now take back your reigns. Make decisions that free you from any external power—psychic power, financial authority, personal power—power that you’ve given away to someone or something else over your deepest and darkest secrets and treasures.  I, personally, will never be a fortune teller nor a misfortune teller. Please do not see me for any of these reasons, ever.  I will tell you what I know (from knowledge and intuition), what I have learned (from study and from practice), and what I have experienced (from what I have felt in my heart to be true)–beyond that, I give you the message that liberates you:  It is up to you.  You are the master of your Universe.

When you can see the shadow on the wall

Detachment from power is the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s the only way that you can look at ‘it’ and see it for what it really is. Detachment also triggers the allowance of true power to move through you—for it is not owned by anyone. What’s owned, nearest, dearest, and most accessible is just you, and it’s tremendously enough. More about retrograde movement comes from the best-selling Author and Astrologer Jeff Green—an expert on Pluto—from his trusty book I bought several, several years ago called, Pluto: the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.

The correlative principle of retrogration can be defined this way: any planetary function (behavior) that is retrograde must be given an individual definition. The retrograde principle creates a reactive retreat from the status quo; from societal and collective definitions, expectations, and pressures to respond to life in conforming ways … .[The] Pluto retrograde tends to place the emphasis on the desire to return [to] the Source of the Soul, or to evolve in a more accelerated fashion. Because of the individualizing effect of Pluto retrograde, the person must do that which they must do in their own way.


See, your individual way is your individual right. It’s at these times (Pluto retrograde) where we can do the most with our soul’s dissatisfaction, and move toward that which allows our souls to re-merge with “All that is.” Pluto has a lot to do with our unconscious tendencies, and our habitual modes. When looking at psychological issues in an astrological chart, we look at Pluto’s placement in the chart, its aspects, and the conditions of 4th and 8th houses among other places. Where Pluto is housed shows our resistance to change. Flip the coin over, and we have our transformative power coiled before us.

You may have noticed just how much energy we generate through resistance. You may not have realized this, in which case: please check out the Sedona Method and start releasing today. You may have become aware of this principle of resistance through martial arts training. Masters have cultivated the ability to resist nothing, and thereby direct everything.  “The Tao nourishes by not forcing. By not dominating, the Master leads,” Lao Tsu.

Masters and Mastering

Pluto points out to us that place in life where we experience our greatest confrontation. Use this retrograde-period as an excellent time to investigate your inner confrontations, seek out your inner-resistance, and become completely aware of the presence and source of power in your life. Any awareness or light shed on this subject helps you to maintain control over yourself.  The method you use to secure power suggests the path that you opt to take in this life.  Please always choose wisely. If it is over others, you are fooling yourself.  Penetrate this understanding very thoroughly.  See through the dark by penetrating fully any darkness within. The times we live in demand that we become clear inside. Always seek a trusted master if you recognize that you will benefit from the courage and compassion of one who has walked the path. There are many masters, but only your heart knows what is true for you.




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