Leo New Moon August 3 2011

Leo New Moon: Self-Hood, Be your Best Self.

The self is not just ‘one thing.’ The self is composed of: the lower self, the higher Self, the personality, the ego, and the soul matrix. We have the discipline of psychology to thank for giving us other ‘terms’ such as, Id, Super-ego, and the Unconscious. Altogether, we can recognize that there are multiple forms of self that are “inside” us. Our pieces of self are our values, beliefs, our mentality, and our dreams (interpretation of reality). Now all these pieces are functional and healthy when they seem to all be “the same thing,” but it’s possible for these pieces to be in conflict.  Read about the psychologist Carl Jung and astrology, visit http://www.creative-personal-growth.com/carl-jung2.html, “His Interest in Astrology.”

Swiss psychologist (1875-1961) Carl Gustav Jung founded the discipline of Analytical Psychology, and basically awakened the collective consciousness to a cursory awareness of itself (after all, he coined the term collective unconscious). Jung is also famous for defining the term “projection.” That which is not realized or unconscious by the individual is seen as characteristic within the other to whom one is in relationship. This projection is a result of the unconsciousness or the “Shadow” aspect of self. The shadow is projected on the other because the ego cannot manage it as a self-definition. Thus the integration of the shadow is required for individuation to take place. Please see the 4th excerpt from Jung on this page. Individuation relates very well to the sign of astrological sign of Leo. For more on the Carl Jung and individuation process: http://soultherapynow.com/articles/individuation.html

In its simplest terms, the Leo archetype is all about reflection. The light that shines back on us is a reflection of the light that we ourselves are emitting. The shadow’s we cast, too, are very much our own shadows. With Leo the creator is born, the artist, the actor. One can only “act” as oneself and thereby those actions do shape and develop the character as he tries on different types of expressions. For Leo, self-development is essential. Leo will attempt to re-decorate the world to reflect itself so that it can maintain its individuality, only excepting complete adoration, seeing anything less as dissension. Until eventually Leo rests in some kind of knowing-ness that its Self-hood cannot be threatened by other special Selves, because the Self is reinforced as an illusion of the ego. The powerfully subjective experience of self, seeming to have no collective meaning, is nothing but a collective expression, and is urged out.

Have fun being yourself this new moon. Try different ways to shine! The paradigm of Leo is playful.


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