Pisces Full Moon: September 12, 2011

Spiritual Cleanse

This full moon is a spiritual wash. It reflects the light of the Virgo Sun (the astrological sign for purity). At this time we have an inner call for atonement, which is the urge to merge with the infinite in all Creation, and the Universe. We might find ourselves more energetically tired at this time, or even more aware of tiredness that may have been accumulating over time. Take this time to nurture yourself and those you love in the softness of the Piscean Moon. Sit in nature and absorb the air in your environment, really embrace all your surroundings. If you find it difficult to focus at these times, go easy on yourself, be gentle. This is a time for gentleness and for kindness. A brief moment in time where you have a chance to step outside of the daily details and see the bigger picture as something that supports your vision for today. For some, this may be time to edit (Virgo) that vision (Pisces), but be sure that this time is definitely a time for awareness and not being overly critical.

If you can be by a lake or a river now, any body of water–especially, the ocean, you can commune with what you need most now. Namaste. Be blessed in every way.

Please drop me a petal from your beautiful self and let me know that you visited :)

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