November 17, 2013, Taurus Full Moon, Relationships, Art



Image credits:  Candlelight and Wine, by Ralph Hocker, Acrylic ― 11″ x 14″



“Beautiful colors can be bought in the shops on the Riato, but good drawing can only be bought from the casket of the artist’s talent with patient study and nights without sleep.”   ~ Tintoretto   (such is the tenacity of Saturn and the depth of Pluto, influencing this full moon)

As I sit to write about the full moon in Taurus on November 17, 2013 PST at 7:16am and UT 15:16, I’m savoring some wonderful aspects. Mercury is trine Neptune after just turning direct in the sky on the 11th, providing forward momentum in the mental clarity department. Mercury and Neptune are conjunct the North Node (the future direction), and so some of the fog and uneasiness of the solar eclipse experience is lifting. Also, Neptune will be turning direct on the 14th of the month—bringing some “AHA” moments and spiritual insights during a time of continued dramatic and dynamic change (Uranus square Pluto).

*Sigh* Taurus is an energy for sensuality.  It is the experience of the material world of the senses, of the sounds, of tastes, the smells, and the touches. It is the ability to savor a thing or two.

Sure, we still have Saturn conjunct the Sun, keeping us busy working and keeping us from indulging too much (Taurus). Saturn is, however, sending super-friendly trine vibes to Pluto/Venus (which are currently side-by-side), Jupiter, and Mars at the full moon. I try to remind everyone that Saturn isn’t “the bad guy.” In this case, Saturn is still keeping things strong while other planetary actors are involved in some ruckus. Whenever Venus is aspected like it is, relationships are effected.In this case, it looks like relationships are being re-arranged. With Venus square Uranus, the keyword is WEIRD.

Huge transformations in the relationships department–not just romantic, these are transformations that are long overdue and likely to be long-lasting.  Mars in Virgo is where to put the energy, into exercise, work, and analysis. Virgo symbolizes the mentality, using discretion and clarity. It is also an earth sign which goes so nicely with our earthy Taurus full moon. One way or another, this full moon will stir your senses to eat, decorate, and/or make love. ~maybe even desire chocolate 🙂 Taurus (by itself) is a lazy energy, a slow moving and reliable sort of settle-down-and-get-cozy, energy. It’s a good time to write poetry, enjoy music, savor good cooking, and take in all the smells of autumn…

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