Should we be gossiping? Or, should we be getting to work? Full Moon in Virgo 3/16



Hello Everybody!

I’m looking at the chart for Sunday, March 16, 2014, full moon in Virgo at 10:08 am, PDT. This lunation falls at exactly 26.02 Pisces/Virgo. Therefore, the Sabian symbol for the full moon is Virgo 27. If it were 26.00 degrees it would be interpreted as the Virgo 26. However, since it has the 2 minutes, it’s interpreted as 27. Make sense? If there are minutes (02) after the degree (26), it gets interpreted as the following degree number (27). If there aren’t minutes (00) after the degree (26) it would get interpreted as the degree number (26).

Aristocratic elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home. (Virgo 27) (Moon)

A harvest moon illuminates the sky. (Pisces 27) (Sun)

My interpretation for this Full Moon is to ask yourself the question: Should we be gossiping? Or, should we be getting to work?

What has come and gone at this point is “water under the bridge.” Looking at the Uranus square Pluto square Jupiter aspect, shows us that we’re still dealing with major themes around business (Capricorn) and family (Cancer).  We should not let this distract us. This is a VIRGO full moon. Virgo is going to get to work on whatever subject needs it. Virgo is the analytical mind in service to the spirit, universal consciousness- the ONE-represented by Pisces.

Chiron and Neptune are very well-matched right now, holding hands in conjunction, and they are asking us to release these wounds and give them up. It’s done. What’s done is done.

This full moon is making harmonious aspects with retrograde Saturn (Capricorn ruled). Both the Sun and Moon in this full moon (Sun opposite Moon) are in good cahoots. Look at the frame work you’ve lain down already; look at the ancestors who have come before you. It’s time to just keep working and be dutiful.  That‘s what the energy and astrology supports.

Meanwhile, Neptune conjunction conjunct Chiron has been reaching out to Mars/North Node conjunction, courage and forward momentum is the call to BALANCE of Libra. ALL of the retrograde planets are “getting” you to re-do things, but I think it’s also saying: you made your plans, you can observe *while* you enact them. If you should stumble or fail, this is helpful information for your continuation. I believe that the universe is also saying, YOU over there! YOU keep up the GOOD WORK!

Credit: Stunning artwork is by Dilarosa

Article written by Ka Malana ©2014

11 thoughts on “Should we be gossiping? Or, should we be getting to work? Full Moon in Virgo 3/16

  1. Reblogged this on Fiesta Estrellas and commented:

    For no particular reason other than inspiration, I feel like reblogging this. North Node is still in Virgo folks, but soon…. soon. … it will be transiting in Leo, and that will be quite the change indeed; but that’s all next year. Honor the past, embrace the present, welcome the future. Aloha <3. Soon my book is coming out. I've been working on the proof, so that's yet to come in 2017 (hopefully!)

  2. I have North Node in Virgo and my workplace is all about gossip lately, lol!

    Congrats on the book, woohoo how exciting!

    Blessings for you and your crew for 2017.

    lotsa love, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      Happy New Year, 2017! I remember your N. Node’s placement. Oftentimes I remember people’s charts; however, that ability is fading as I age. Nevertheless, I do have a lot of hope and a strong degree of faith in myself, and in the wisdom developed through my experiences and practice.

      Thank you for congratulating me on my book. It’s been very slow moving, and perhaps this, my first book, is ever more about the inner experience and the process that’s developing me. It’s really been enlightening!

      Lots of Love & Health in the New Year + beyond! Ka

      1. I am excited about the book and hope you will share a bit about its content, theme, etc. Had no idea you were writing, you are such a trailblazer with multi-faceted skills and talents and interests. A renaissance Goddess ❤

      2. Thank you so much, you made me blush over here. 🙂 I am truly doing my best to “pull it together” in terms of communicating about my book while deeply processing my day-to-day, etc. Also, the universe is rather the one pulling me together. My first book is a poetry book. It’s a collection of poems that were adapted from my blog, and quite a few previously unpublished poems. It *feels* like this book is more about its energy than anything. It’ll be up on Amazon once it’s presented, I believe. I don’t want to rush anything, but I’m overly eager to be getting it out there. Each step has required the utmost care. Also, each line, word, and sentence – though may not be grammatically nor poetically proper – has been intentionally selected over layer and layers of energetic process and review. Elements of mystery abound, as is my usual bent. There may be things in my book that I don’t know about, tucked away and hidden behind the words! I’m excited, nervous, and really beaming with gratitude for this near arrival of my new book.

    1. Hi Sue,

      “Keep on keeping on,” is one of my favorite phrases that brings to mind Napoleon Hill, who maybe said it first. It’s a very inspiring and in fact necessary adage to get through the days with the persistent Spirit that is so needed in this world, and especially now more than ever. I think ‘acceptance’ is the adage’s close cousin, and potentially even a prerequisite “to keeping on.” Irony is often saturated with wisdom. Wishing you a lot of easy magic this year. Despite whatever is going on in the world, may you know your own innocence and purity of heart and the well-meaning nature of your soul.

      Aloha Nui Loa, Happy New Year, 2017!

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