Whisper of Whispers

To my beloved:


The Wind of seasons,

And the season of winds carry

Whispers between


The leaves shake with titillation.


I see the Sufis, and They-see

How Mother Nature’s curves

Are made of both

Light and dark essences,

Surrounding a

Punctuated Center.


The experience of watching them swirl and


so fast it can be dizzying

And delighting all at once,

But, no matter.


The center is the point of

All things.Whose origin is seamless.

So vast that wind cannot penetrate it.


The beloveds are at home

Saturated in the

Nectar of primordial Authenticity.

Enveloped as the whisper of whispers,

The entirety of near-silence,

The edge of All Beginnings.


Ka Malana, ©2014

Music in space: Nurai Lita, Kafez, Buddha Chillout Lounge


2 thoughts on “Whisper of Whispers

  1. Hey Ka,

    15 minutes in to the video and I was already airborne and flying at the edge of all Beginnings. A wonderfully sensuous fusion of image and sound to tease the mind and relax the soul.

    Perhaps it is the sensual allure of the ‘centre of all things’ but I am still happily dreaming within the whispered words of your poem. I do hope you’ll be writing some more… 🙂

    DN – 06/04/14

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