Numerology #3, #33, #333




I’ve played with numerology somewhat in my life – especially in terms of how it relates to astrology. When you are involved with the esoteric arts, you don’t actually avoid things like numerology.  And, now with the Chinese medical studies, numerology becomes even more important.

I opened up a random page of one of my new books written by a blogging colleague, called “Flying from the Heart,” by Julianne Victoria. It’s a beautiful collection of poems that feel very familiar to me. I opened to a random page, #33 and determined it was my favorite. I think maybe you should check out her book if you are interested in knowing more about her poem there. I don’t want to get involved with any copyright infringement. 😉 

The number 33 then started to echo in my mind, like “look me up already.” It was weird because I know I have done this before, but there was something I had missed – so “it” suggested. This is the website I found:

What I was nudged about then was, “this is your life path number.” I remembered being a “6” but then I thought, well, let me do the math again. So, I did. Sure enough, #33.  So why am I blogging about it?

I’ve got a 7th house Sun – living for other people – making them feel special, well it’s been my “little thing.”  I like to bring joy into other people’s lives, and so when I see this “33” as some master smaster number, I kind of just thought in my head, “whatevs,” this is just ego stuff.

With a 3rd house Chiron, I often felt like I did A LOT of talking, and no one really listened much to me.  Well, things are changing, and I’m changing.  My injury that’s healing has been changing me.  I don’t want to be “preachy.”  It’s like my worst fear on the face of the planet. As the youngest sibling, EVERYONE had something to say that was more correct, or more worthy than me of being ‘heard.’ Don’t worry about my whining, I’m trying to express a point:

Yesterday I went to my acupuncture appointment (for myself), my treatment room was #133. Then, this morning after really connecting with another blogger via email– and seeing so much synchronicity with the astrological 7th house, I searched for a particular article of hers, as I said I would (Italy), didn’t find it but I came up with another article of hers: 333 

Do you think the 3’s are stalking us?



8 thoughts on “Numerology #3, #33, #333

  1. Great post Ka!
    My life path is 24 = 6, but sometimes if I add it up differently I get 33 🙂
    I also enjoy numerology and while I don’t practice it professionally, I am acutely aware of the powerful presence of numbers in daily life. Sorry you could not find my Italy posts. I will email you the links.
    Another little story, I have been seeing 111 and 1111 for a couple years now and changed dentists about 4 years ago. During one of my more recent visits, I noticed that the address it has within the office complex is 111. Bottom line, I keep hearing that more the more you are open to and appreciate synchronicity, the more frequent they become 🙂


  2. herongrace

    333 has been nudging me 4evah! It just took me years 2 wake up 2 that fact. Even walking to the underground carpark the other day where I had left my car, I noticed a small ticket on the ground and picked it up. It had 4 spades running down the left side the no. 33 on top of A. I thought to myself, I would be the only person in town who would notice and read this ticket….I honestly could write a book on my 33,333 experiences.
    For what it’s worth I tracked a very early 333 kook in Francis Bacon. Whose name adds up 2 33 and loved using codes in his writings. His favourite was 33. It’s written up in M? Moore book. Rosicrucian type book. Can’t remember name sorry. About story of Francis Bacon history.
    I do feel there is a link between and 333 and St. Germain!

    1. My first “religious school” literature was Rosicrucianism. I was pretty young – not sure what all I took away from that, but obviously stuff that led me to spaces/places I am today. Thank you for your comment! Let me know when you do write that book! 😉

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