Realizing our Angels

There are so many moments in a person’s life (this one in particular, me) where the experience of friendship, love, and connected-ness makes one feel so super special. That specialness is the shared embrace of softness and belonging.

Not alone.

It’s that feeling that it’s okay to FEEL because we are all Good Enough, Loveable Enough, Spacious Enough, and Capable Enough to embrace all the wounds we’ve had for an eternity.  To really cry it out, love it out, and hug it out, together.  We can unfold safely like flowers in the light of the Sun.  Nothing will overcome us, when we have one another, and when we have integrity within ourselves.

Angels mean different things to different people. One of my blogging friends, Linda Litebeing, posted some angel wings on my ‘about’ section of my blog this weekend. Wow!

Synchronicity had it that I was also just given the name of one of my Spiritual Guides on that same day. July 19th!

At the New Year I had set an intention to be more deeply present with the angels beyond this world. I know they are with me, and I want to acknowledge their loyal guidance in my life.

I have felt supported, loved, and appreciated for my own variable rays of character. It’s okay, “you’re human,” Linda said in our conversation over on her blog. That means, I too, am gifted with the love and support of others, of her. That’s precious, I’d say. We have a very nice community!!!

Angels among us

Some are those who I’ve only recently been getting to know, but to me, we share a spark! Some bloggers I found earlier on in my blogging journey, and those who have helped me to hold the light of my own purpose, while maintaining the humility of my humanness and fallibility.

There’s nothing you need to do – please just accept this token of my appreciation. If you have already received such a gift, please accept mine, too, and the light of your own abundance.

No list can be comprehensive. It may take me some time to get the word out. 😉

14 thoughts on “Realizing our Angels

  1. Aww, that is so kind, thoughtful and sweet of you! I am most happy engaging with you here. I agree too, we have a wonderful community here on Word Press.

    1. Debra,
      You are so welcome! I really enjoy reading your posts on Hillman and alchemy -especially the alchemy, and non-dualism. You really write with passion and knowledge. Much Love, Ka

  2. oh, ka ❤ thank you! it's been a long day, and this put a smile on my face. it's really wonderful to have such a community of coolness and support. i'm so happy we've connected, and i look forward to sharing more. lots of love, aleya

  3. F.G.M.

    Thank you so much for your very kind words and mentioning my blog… yes, we are “not alone” as you said… and synchronicities are meaningful sparks…

  4. You humble me with your mention – my thanks – and I am privileged to be in this community of support and encouragement. Don’t ever forget – your spirit shines, my friend…

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