New Moon in Leo

The chart was drawn for July 26th, San Diego, CA @ 3:42pm – Sun/Moon @ 3.52 Leo

I’ve waited most of the year for this New Moon in Leo, and now I can’t think of anything to write about it. I’m looking at the charts and wondering why for such a creative sign as Leo – absolutely ‘nothing’ is coming to mind (and it’s my Sun sign). Although, I am a shy Leo. This New Moon will be in my natal 6th house of health, service, and work. I’ve got an exam to study for, so I will make this post brief.

Where will it be ‘taking place’ in your chart?

There are some trines and kite formations. The chart looks pretty good except that the New Moon squares Mars, which has just entered the sign of Scorpio (Mars ingress Scorpio). Sun conjunct Jupiter can have us feeling larger-than-life – we may be very busy with philosophy, travel, publishing and “big-ideas.” In fact, with Sun conjunct Jupiter, there’s a tendency to overextend oneself into multiple projects at once, or to have overly optimistic expectations. That’s okay, for some of you, you’ll have just the right amount of optimism you need (where you normally lack it).

Meanwhile, Venus and Mercury are in Cancer. Venus is forming a square to Uranus within a 6 degree orb, giving us a T-Square of Venus (Cancer), Uranus (Aries), and Pluto (Capricorn). Venus square Uranus is bringing a lot new relationships, and maybe some unexpected behavior in finances as well. Venus is trine to Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces, so there’s a watery fluid feel to these new relationships- these new relationships are about nurturing and support – with the presence of a well-aspected Saturn, practical support.

Are we thinking about Dads more in a positive light? Are we thinking of Dad’s philosophies right now more than usual? This energy is built for us to get in touch with our main energy source – the Sun. Do we project it outward onto the men in our lives, our fathers, our husbands (for those who are traditional)? One of the traditional interpretations for the Sun in a woman’s chart is of the father or husband.  I think many women, however, have learned to ‘own’ their creative Source. The way I interpret the sun in a chart depends on the other aspects of the chart.

Nevertheless, these are some things to think about.

Further, Leo rules the 5th house; it represents the offspring or child. It is the expression of innocence in individuality. The promise of a new life.  Ask yourself what is born from taking risks? Does joyfulness extend from leisure time? (another 5th house/Leo matter)

On another note, I’m celebrating my first anniversary with my beloved husband (Sun in 7th house). I couldn’t be more excited and delighted for us to share an especially fun, spiritually opulent (Jupiter), and spicy (square Mars), lunation. We always have an adventure together! This is just the perfect time to celebration our union.  Wow!

18 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo

    1. Thank you, Sindy! There’s lots more studying in my present & future! Tests and exams are such a regular thing. We did have a lovely 1st anniversary celebration. Wow! The magic of my husband and I surprises me again and again. Also, this weekend, I found another hawk feather; it was an unexpected discovery. Totem communications continue!
      xoxo, Namaste _/1\_ Ka

      1. Wow! Did I tell you one flew over me low one day, about a month ago? I am so happy to hear about the love, and amazement you have with your husband. I so want to be called cherished wife. 😀 Study is in my near future with school starting in 2 weeks time. Wish me luck. I have procrastinated registering, the summer just flew by.

        Again, much love and happy wishes for you and your husband and your future years together in marital bliss~ ❤


  1. Dear Ka
    I am browsing via phone you beautiful posts. I thank you for this post. The New moon for me brought in all good. I congratulate you both on your First Wedding Anniversary. Much love and Many thanks for you most gracous comment today upon my reblog of my poSt Finding myself I AM. Your comment touched me deeply
    Bless you love Sue xxx

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