Evening Aspirations – The Eve of night and cleansing

This was handed down to me from my dear friend and one of my many teachers. I offer these aspirations as I have received them. This Hallowed Eve I choose to celebrate with Buddha 🙂

Last year I attended classes at the Medicine Buddha, and meditated upon my own death. I am reflecting on that now, as well as further into the past when I met with my regular Sangha for a period time.  Sangha is a precious gift, and those who are in it remain Buddha friends for all time. Without further ado:

“May my actions reflect the love, compassion and wisdom shown by the Buddha.

May I overcome my difficulties.

If I have carelessly hurt someone today by word or deed, may I be more mindful next time.

I shall strive to live in harmony with nature, and I shall strive to cleanse my heart from hate and envy and live in harmony with all beings.

I shall strive to be close to the Dharma in good as well as in difficult times.

I know that when the moment comes for me to leave this world. I will do so without fear or regret. I leave this world a better person than when I came into it.

Whatever wrong someone may do to me, may I be compassionate and forgive with no hatred in my heart.

I shall be grateful for the acts of love and consideration shown to me, no matter how small they may appear to be.

May this life be a blessing and source of happiness to all beings.”

Om Mani Padme Hum