Healing with the Master’s: Morgana Rae – Deep Work- Expires today!

Hello readers!

This morning one of my many, many emails jumped out at me and said “Read me.” This is the holiday season. When something comes of interest to myself as well as ‘vibes’ and asks me to share with others, I don’t doubt it – even if I have lots of things to do…and this wasn’t originally on my list.

Do you feel loved? I hope so. While sharing this with my close family and friends is good, I find that people beyond my family and friends are benefiting. In fact, all of my life experiences up to this point have been showing me that I need to continuous reach beyond that which is familiar to me. Every job I’ve ever had, I played the role as counselor, confidant, a listener to someone in need.  I KNOW that I am not alone in this. As with anything I post, if this isn’t for you, then move right along and place no emphasis on it. Have a happy and fulfilling day!

Listen to this call, there are people who are trying to fill their piggy banks, people who are laid off, people who are transitioning into their practices and finding clients, etc. What Morgana Rae shares, her processes, are valuable & they are free. Not all of her processes are free – but this one healing for yourself that if you are ready for, you don’t want to miss out on! Money isn’t everything, but relationships ARE.

GET TO IT: http://tinyurl.com/o5lbpuz   The password is ‘healing.’

Get back to the self that feels like you – the one that is abundant and has plenty to give…also, don’t forget to receive.  A gift from the heart is complete when it’s received.

With Love,

Ka Malana