The Desert Oasis

I’ve been meaning to post some of our photos from our Palm Springs adventure/holiday, but where’s the time?! We have been very busy, and about to get busier! —->The desert is so very, very magical. Ah!  So was this FULL MOON IN CANCER!


Out in the desert the Fiestaestrella may be easier to identify. The stars shine brighter out there.

… I made this little piece of “found art” from the junk lying around in the desert.  Let’s clean up our HOME – the Earth!  The owl has an ‘angel-playing-the-violin’ for a brain!

photo 4 (1)

Oh my goodness, would you just LOOK at that view!!!


An OWL in the middle of the desert, on an electric box, framed by the landscape.


The mural below is so neat… Life is filled with WONDERS! Always remember that!


24 thoughts on “The Desert Oasis

  1. Loved your shared photo’s and especially your creative piece of art.. Amazing what you can find in a desert.. 🙂 Wishing you a Very Happy New Year.. I hope it brings in more Wonders for you and yours..

    I clicked to enlarge the photo’s and was so pleased I did. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sue! Happy New Year 2015!

      I’m glad you were able to look at details/close-ups of the photos. I had wondered about that but was unable to ‘check’ it from my end. I’m back at school now and working with LOTS of Qi, & lots of interaction 🙂 Living in amazement every day these days. xo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to be Ka! I love your idea of making art out of the stuff you found.

    I am sympathetic to the lack of time right now as well. How did I get this busy? 🙂 It’s all good.

    1. Hi Debra,

      I enjoyed every minute of my desert oasis and “finds”! 🙂 It’s amazing what could be made with ALLL the trash out there in this desert. My “found objects” radius was only 2 feet. Sure, the findings were close to the road (where one could imagine a higher trash density) but really? That’s a lot of trash…

      “It’s-all-good” became my name while working in the clinic yesterday. Thank you for your comments and for your understanding.

      xoxo, Ka

  3. That was a stunning image, indeed. Fresh asphalt and fresh sky…!? A desert with a curb and a sidewalk to boot…? It seems a magical place. The road doesn’t even seem horribly out of place there, does it…? It fits the land beautifully. That fresh black, the yellow leaves, the clouds wilting into the mountains. It’s lovely… A place a Sufi might walk… A place for baptizing the past in a river of wild thoughts, and collecting artifacts to compose into art.


    1. Yes, Michael! It’s almost surreal isn’t it? The road, the desert. It’s the same theme with the electric box picture. It seems to go with the land (even though it isn’t natural and doesn’t really belong). Probably such is the same with People & Water (in the desert).

      Walking along the roads with heaven in my heart… ❤

      Thank you for your comment with a most suitable culmination: "A place for baptizing the past in a river of wild thoughts, and collecting artifacts to compose into art." Maybe my excursion into the desert was more constructive than I realized.

      It's easier to create on a blank canvas.


  4. lovely to meet you! i was just in the desert and palm springs area. spent 4 and half days there over christmas and did an “oasis” post. so synchronous! i also spent the long thanksgiving weekend in joshua tree. when were you there? ❤

    1. We were there for 3 days on Christmas ❤ Send me a personal message, and we can exchange some contact information. I am coming back over to your blog really soonish to read about the oasis! SO NEATO ❤ xo

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