Marrying ThySelf: Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015


Yesterday while driving, this blog post was writing itself. I was so eager to get what was flowing to pen and paper – which is really a romantic way of saying – getting to my computer, to type.

Even the act of writing, with pen contacting paper, has a downward and outward movement, a path of gravity. It is saturated with momentum. When I sit across from my computer screen – it’s more direct — more confrontational. The words on the screen as I’m writing, are more “in my face.” Is that slightly less romantic? Hmmm…

I don’t know. I suppose different people have different ideas about romance. Mine still changes with the seasons (but I’ve got my same man). For some, romance describes an era that’s come and gone – a gentle whisper of memory, thoughts of riper, more classic days. For others, it’s the heat of passion that comes on quickly, burns with complete obeisance; and then ends in devastation/emptiness.

Right now, I’m looking at time itself as romantic. It is undressing, It is revealing.

When we age, we often talk about “falling apart” while being pleased about having more wisdom. What we lose in pep or spunk, we gain in gumption.

I’d like to think that age is something that refines us – sculpts us into the expression of who we have ever been, or who have ever tried to be. It undresses us, un-hides us. Points out who we are, to ourselves. After all, we all experience the process of aging differently, despite the fact that we have the same usher. I’m referring to time as that usher. Time walks us down the aisle and brings us to the bridegroom, our extant other half, again and again.

On April 4th, 2015, we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra – and for some reason – I wasn’t planning on writing about romance or age, and all these words here, they aren’t what I intended when flow was happening ‘the other day’ while I was busy. These words are simply what happen when I show up at my computer: something different.

This Lunar eclipse suggests to me a blossoming: A coming of Age.

Somewhere in your life is a beautiful flower about to come into blossom. I wonder what it is. Where is it? Maybe it’s a surprise. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in conjunction with the Sun, and in opposition to the moon in Libra. What partnerships in your lives best help express that inspired, fiery Aries/Uranus, Inventive, Original, Essence/Sun? Who or what sets your world ablaze? Marry that!

Again, and again.

Image: The marriage of Inanna and Dumuzi, reproduction of a Sumerian sculpture. Public Domain

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6 thoughts on “Marrying ThySelf: Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

  1. Hi Ka,

    I love how you wrote that what came out wasn’t what you intended. Your writing is crisp and refreshing. It is great what comes through when we sit down and embrace the romance of the computer monitor… 🙂

    I also loved your description of aging, as that which sculpts us into the expression of who we have ever been. We do get to spend some time with ourselves over the course of a life time. Best to make friends… 🙂


    1. Hi Michael,
      Lately I’ve been so busy that I’m amazed the urge and nudge showed up for writing.
      So much in life is unexpected 🙂 That’s the beauty of it. I am embracing that right now. I’m grateful for the discovery of new capacities, growing from new vulnerabilities – ultimately, discovering new ways of looking at the processes which sculpts us. I love it when life shows up and says, “witness me,” “describe me,” Thank you for your comment, Michael!
      Peace & Love,

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Christy! I’m looking forward to getting back into my WP discussions. Love affairs can take us places, yes? 🙂 I do enjoy your enthusiasm for the written word. We can explore so much through it. Happy day to you!

  2. I love surprises Ka.. I do hope the Luna Eclipse has some thing up its sleeve for me :-). Last night of the eclipse I couldnt sleep.. I hardly ever have headaches now.. And yet yesterday and all night I had one across my brow… This morning I awoke and its gone.. Clear headed. And as I took a Walk with Hubby today along my favourite woodland path..
    It was good to see the tree’s starting to sprout their tender shoots.. Also a field full of sheep ready to give birth to their lambs as the farmer separated them to go to the lambing shed

    Yes New Birth.. Renewal.. What can be more romantic!

    And I agree typing is not the same as the written word with Pen.. I love how words flow across the page effortlessly .. Like they are coming forth from the very stream of Life in the vortex of the knowledge we tap into within our consciousness..

    Ageing.. I only said to my Husband this morning where has the last year gone.. as next month I will be 61 Arrrgh…. she says … But I am actually Loving the age I am… as we all should.. Just BE within our Moments of Now..

    Lovely post Ka.. Happy Easter to you
    Love Sue

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