Gemini New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

As a participant in my blogging friend, Sindy’s, “Let’s Go Retro Challenge” over at and while being additionally nudged by dear O and OM at yesterday, and in honor of Mercury having gone retrograde, I chose an old post I wrote for the theme of Gemini. This Mercury retrograde occurs in the sign of Gemini, so it’s valid. This was written during my second month of blogging. Wishing everyone a smooth retrograde… 🙂 Or at least, a comfortably mercurial one! xoxo Ka

Fiesta Estrellas

The Twins, Duality and Consciousness

New Moon Partial Eclipse in Gemini @ 11-12 degrees

Credit from Please see, great write up!

June 2nd (depending on where you are) will be the new moon partial eclipse event that activates and refreshes the Gemini part of our charts. Gemini rules communications, thought processes, and short-trips. Gemini rules our siblings and the duality of the mind, ever-fluctuating between the positive and negative poles. Gemini is the sign that rules the activities of the mind, categorizes things, and distinguishes them into patterns. Gemini represents how we filter information from our environment, and could be described as a mental “net.” It’s our subjective lens for viewing our neighborhood and our neighbors, and shows even how we obtain our information about the world. Gemini is the also the mouthpiece of the astrological chart, showing us how we speak our truth using either chosen symbols…

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14 thoughts on “Gemini New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

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  3. Oh looks like a good read. Can’t wait to check it out. Thanks for contributing. We will Thrive MR!Oh and a made a Retro Challenge Participation Badge on the sidebar, feel free to take it for your blog if you so choose. 😉

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