Relaxing in the neighborhood


Wandering around my favorite oak grove loop….

I savored every single moment. The shapes the tree’s shadows (below) mark my favorite spot in the tiny wooded area. Above, there’s a bee that dusts its legs on the pink pollen of the California buckwheat.


The natural designs on the sand walls are like etchings left by elder sands.


I wonder what you see in the rock-face. I see spirals and all sorts of unexpected shapes that seem like a coded message.

Below is a circle of light, inside this Kumayaay house made of grasses.



On the right is the remnant of our heavy, 2-day rainfall.

Fresh banks of flattened grass, framing this small, ephemeral stream.

Finally, here’s the beautifully yellow, but invasive,black mustard.


Image reference: Ka Malana

9 thoughts on “Relaxing in the neighborhood

  1. Loved your photo’s Ka.. and enjoyed my walk around the rocks and trees.. Loved those spiral shapes. and I learnt something too… about Black Mustard… 🙂 often its the none native species that run rampant.. Thank you for the walk.. Loved it.. 🙂

    1. Hi Sue, thank you so much for visiting! 🙂 and going on a little short trip with me. It’s been a real treat out here to just learn through our senses. Gave myself and my plants involved in our move some TLC, as we prepare for this busy semester that’s ramping up. May have to wait awhile yet before getting our Towergarden planted, on account of time and weather. I think of those spiral shapes, and how the imagery is a map of life, spirals… ❤ xo Big Hugs, Ka

  2. Ka, what lovely images you captured here to show us. I’m glad you did too! It’s neat what we can see when we take time to look at the etchings, like on that rock-face. I see perhaps a code that says ‘slow down and enjoy nature’ so I will do just that 🙂 Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Christy. I was so excited and gladdened to see your comment here. We’ve gone on a few recent nearby journeys, and have just soaked up the environment, the scents, the air! We have this beautiful hazy, misty fog that’s been soothing Southern California right now. Wishing you much enjoyment in nature. xo, Ka

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