My original blog intention & Full Moon in Sagittarius

My original intention when starting this blog was to write about the new/full moon phases. I also was originally interested in educating people about astrology, as I have known it and studied it for… as long as I can remember. I think this inspiration sprung up from my work tutoring kids, and a group of refugee high-school students from Burma a few years ago (2011).

I was nudged and guided to begin this blog when Uranus moved into Aries – Many of us here know how guidance does this… Also, I was in a sangha for a number of years and decided to make a longer-term meditation based on astrological themes (as I had been noticing that despite a million fluctuations in my life and a million different jobs/hats (a non-specific number for now – i am most-certainly using hyperbole), astrology was always there to some degree in my life, leading me by the hand, when no other hand would do).

Now, I must tell you: astrology requires study; and not just study of astrology itself. It’s a subject that tends to require a long-term work: on self. To me, the definition of astrologer is “one who studies astrology.”  I don’t believe that you are ever done studying. That’s why an astrologer is, in many ways, a lifetime study (and probably going beyond that via lifetimes) in either direction.  Mine just happened to start before I knew anything else. It started with Rosicrucianism. That’s all I am permitted to say, directly – at this time.

Back to the blog, I originally started opening up my astrological services to the public, but that quickly became, for me, too challenging to balance with school. I needed to be the student, again, completely. However, a graduate student is a different kind of student; it’s a student who also practices. Still, I am in the beginning of my graduate student studies, and ever so quickly transitioning yet again.

Back to the basics and the original intention

When I was a young child, I was taught some very sacred things that I do not remember mostly. Maybe it’s for the best, okay? I’m sure that we were all taught, or understand/understood very sacred things. After all, at that time, we were able to see things best through the eyes of a child. We saw through everything, easily – and without effort. Also, children often don’t realize the effort that they are exerting, because they experience everything as play.

For children, their performance is easily rewarded by those who wish to encourage and support the budding life. We all want to see blooms!

Well, we also need roots! To me, those roots are study and meditation.

I committed myself to doing the lunation posts because (and if you look back, they are there in some capacity), because my natal moon is in the sign of Cancer, as are my natal Mercury, and Venus. To say that I am an empath, IS an understatement.

I felt the solar energy of my sun sign in Leo was shining pretty comfortably in my life, and I wanted to “work on this facet of my life,” my ‘feminine aspect.’ I felt that the SUN was there, everyday, already. But now, Leo’s coming back, and doesn’t want to be a king. Leo just wants to be accepted for being.

So, I may be bringing you daily posts, but I haven’t worked out the details yet. I am also excited about the prospects of continued re-blogging, and the tree project that I’ve been working on. It actually has to do with my Jupiter placement’s sabian symbol. Definitely that one is for another post. But, as you know, everything changes and shifts. So, everything is technically “up in the air.” I’m revisiting old poetry, old songs. I’m singing at the top of my lungs in the car again!!! YES!

There is always a vision. I have my own, but there’s also one that I am not fully aware of 24/7.  So, that being said. I just wanted to share this with you, too link, and get back to my studying:

children studying

I will be re-blogging more, and posting more… I’m sorry. I just gotta have more cowbell. Please don’t feel obligated in anyway to comment. Just know that I will be around to visit you all, because we are family.

Happy Near Full Moon in Sagittarius. Contemplating the stars… and ‘BEING’ me… in full.

19 thoughts on “My original blog intention & Full Moon in Sagittarius

  1. Hi Ka,
    Really enjoyed learning more about your journey and I have some questions I prefer to ask off the grid. I will say here that you are so correct about what an astrologer is and how long it takes to even scratch the surface. I was just explaining this to OM today 🙂 Like you, astrology has been with me almost my entire life and remains one constant among many twists and turns. love, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,
      You know I always love hearing from you! Send me an email. 🙂 As you know, I am working on balancing the different facets of my life and engaged in upcoming travel/immersion as well as deep study. I’ll do my best to be a good conversationalist with you off grid as well. Putting our heads together is always a good idea. I truly enjoy what is happening all around us right now, and there’s much to be done along with all the centering and grounding that is required.
      xo Ka

  2. Love the Link you provided Ka.. 🙂 and subscribed 🙂 I know how devoted those are who follow their astrological roots.. I once had a friend who studied. Its way above my head, and admire your dedication. and others who have followed this path..
    I have to confess of my ignorance as I looked up the word Rosicrucianism. And was intrigued and impressed at its origins .
    Children are open vessels for absorbing information. And I am always amazed at how my 4 yr old granddaughter retains all that I teach.. I often feel she isn’t listening. as I interact pieces of information within her play.. But she will often shock and surprise me on visits weeks later as she recalls our conversations. I was teaching her the smells of various herbs growing outdoors.. Rosemary, Sage, chives, Mint. parsley. along with some lavender too.. I then later picked some leaves and tested her thinking she would get it wrong.. LOL.. no she remembered and began tasting them.. I taught her to always ask if its ok to eat!.. or Touch.. which she always does… 🙂

    It sounds like you have set yourself up for a full schedule of studying and workload.. But I look forward to the reblogs, and your posts, along with the regular oracle updates..

    Love and Blessings… I feel your excitement… in this new phase of the Moon.. 🙂
    Sue ❤

    1. Hi Dear Sue,

      I absolutely love to hear about your experiences with your granddaughter. They remind of of how I spent many, many early years with my own grandmother who immigrated from Italy; she is now just 95 years young! She was just a farmer, educated up to the 2nd grade. She is Catholic, as are many in my family. How neat! Huh? Every single visit, she would show me her garden. Her love for the garden is built into me via her. In fact, she credits me with getting her to take English lessons; because as a tiny child, I asked her how to spell love in “English” as I learned in school, and she couldn’t. Well, as a result she enjoy reading.

      In fact, it’s time for me to call her again, after I meditate. I have a book that I am going to prepare and send to her too; another blogger wrote it.

      We are currently in the waxing, full phase of the moon. So, it’s a different phase that gradually begins to culminate.

      You probably know that better than I do if you are outdoors more than I am right now 🙂

      (Hopefully I communicated the right “English” words because learning “Chinese” has for some reason, been changing the way I see everything) Also, Merc is retrograde, and mistakes are more likely, according to astrology: see for yourself! 🙂

      You should also know that I don’t rigidly follow rules of astrology (or my own, sometimes: It’s that strong Uranian aspect of my natal chart, i say); If I were following astrology I make sure i understand the spirit of the message, and look for clarity in my heart. The math is there. We need to provide evidence for our conclusions. But, it is translation after-all. I also trust my guidance from Source. Well, I aim to, anyways. Also, there can be disagreement among astrologers. It’s quite common, actually; it’s like all things under the sun. You have different school of thought (classical, evoluntionary, esoteric, vedic to name so few – there are different lineages and traditions) So, it’s a beautiful thing when people can work together for a common purpose of UNDERSTANDING. I find that in both astrology (as astrologers have a lot of common ground) as well as “Chinese” medicine as I am continuing to learn… Astrology is again on the “back-burner” for me: set to a beautiful slow cook!

      Here’s a helpful guide from an older blog post of mine in case you want some sort of schedule for moon phases and “what to do, when”:

      I’m glad that you trained/guided her (your grand-daughter) to stop and ask what to eat and what not to before proceeding. I’ve heard of children eating all kinds of things.

      Blessings to you ❤ I'm enjoying your gardening blog. I'm learning A LOT! How do you fit so much information into one post?! Maybe after retrograde and travel/business/healing… I'll be able to get back to my own Towergarden and TG Blog in honor of my great grandmother. Still, there's a limit to how many irons one can have in the proverbial fire. 😉

      xoxoxo KA

      1. Loved your reply Ka.. and I do not even begin to imagine how you cram all that you do.. Chinese! amazing.. I use my intuition more than my knowledge about the Moon… And so admire such as You Linda and Julie whose astrological knowledge far exceeds mine which is Nil… 🙂
        I had a lovely day with my Granddaughter today and hope to post a little snippet about what we have been doing soon 🙂 Enjoy your Day xx Sue xx

      2. I’m only not that very amazing. :-O But, I aspire to encourage a wow from myself to myself, so that I can remember what it takes to be dedicated and devoted, and in a free and flexible way. xoxo BTW, I don’t think your astrological knowledge is NIl… if you know agriculture and the land. Just my opinion, but the Earth has its voice, too; and very much affected by the Sun and the Moon. The Sun in the Moon are the basic relationships with earth. In astrology, the earth is the center-point. Its geo-centric, which is a metaphor, for YOU! YOU at the center of the universe. Sure, there’s heliocentric astrology too… *sigh* xoxo Ka

      3. :-)… Brilliant!…. I… Thank you… I am Taurean.. 🙂 Earth orientated.. And Pat your self on the back with a BIG WOW!!!….. you certainly Wow me.. 🙂 x ❤

      4. Thanks my jog was very nice. My husband pointed out a special little shortcut to our favorite park here. 🙂 It’s a steep hill near an elementary school. It’s the perfect spot, and the hike is just the kind I need. xo Ka

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    1. I am digging all those Klimt trees. Searching my memories for when I first met a Klimt painting; and if I’ve ever seen one in person… 😉 I once made a “van gogh-like” painting for my sister of her favorite sunflowers. This is the second time I’m thinking of van Gogh today. (totally unrelated situations). xo I like how you artfully shared these trees 🙂 🙂

  4. Greetings Ka… I have so many times considered, even went into websites, bought books, to learn more about astrology, especially since I’ve been reading Tarot, and I know there is a major aspect of that in the ability to gain more from a reading. And perhaps one day I’ll get to that place of learning.

    Thank you for following my blog, I’m glad to meet you! I can say that I do readings at New and Full Moons.

    May the Light shine bright upon your hearth!


    1. Hi Fim,
      Such a delight to meet with you! Indeed, Merry Meet! Tarot and Astrology weave together beautifully…seems like you are already underway in your studies and your practices 🙂 It’s interesting because I often change the tagline to my blog (well so far I have) and a day or two before I met you, I added the world “Quantum”… since then I have changed it…. nevertheless, there’s an immediate sense of resonance with you, and whatever I have read so far in your writings. Such a friendly and fun voice. I certainly have appreciated the ‘Hermit’ archetype in my life! How else do we delve so deeply?! Thank you new New Friend! Hello and welcome from the bottom of my heart! Aloha, Ka

      1. Merry Meet, Ka! It is a blessing when we meet others Of Like Mind! 🙂 Smiling here about the Quantum flash in tagline and then seeing a Quantum Hermit. I love that kind of synchronicity!
        Thank you so much for your thoughts about my writing. This being the Year of the Lovers (Tarot) for me is about following my passions, and that I have, which brought me to Blogging, and thus to the amazing people who I met, and continue to meet along the way! True enough about the Hermit archetype… I have dwelt in that Realm quite often throughout my Earthwalk.

        I’m looking forward to reading through your own stories, as every moment is an opportunity to learn, and share with others.

        Blessed Be!


      2. Hey Fim,
        I just updated my ‘about’ section again earlier today: “” I have to giggle about the Lovers… my favorite! What better place to share such themes than under starlight. Blessings be to you, too! Glad to have you aboard.
        Love, Ka

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