Moon-Cycle Planning

Project Management: the Moon

The tides

“The moon exerts a force on the earth, and the Earth responds by accelerating toward the Moon [or “falling” toward the moon]; however, the waters on the side facing the Moon, being closer to the Moon, accelerate more and fall ahead of Earth. Similarly, Earth itself accelerates more than the waters on the far side and falls ahead of these waters. Thus two aqueous bulges are produced, one on the side of Earth facing the Moon, and one on the side facing away from the Moon. As Earth rotates on its axis beneath these two bulges, the rise and fall of the oceans results.” Princeton website

For centuries the moon has been used for timing the cultivation of food, and planning events related to fertility. Tidal life is most obviously affected by the gravitational forces of the moon, earth, and sun. Shoreline-affected areas can expect fluctuations in salinity and alter marine life population densities.

Can you just picture the approximately 60% or more of water that makes up your body, swish around inside of you *very slowly* as the gravitational bodies of the sun, earth, and moon change their relationships throughout the day?  Nope, maybe you can’t. Consider how difficult it is to experience the true spin of the planet, right now, whirling on its axis and barreling through the universe along with everything else.

Perhaps what’s most important is, that regardless of what forces you feel acting on your body, a cyclical aspect to your body does exist (and this could never be more apparent than for females).  Developing a rhythm for your life’s activities that accords with the moon‘s cycles—and even just recognizes the symbolic cycles of the moon, may turn out to be a very, very illuminating endeavor!

28 Day Project management = Life Management

New Moon

The time of the new moon is dark; it’s when the moon is between the earth and sun, and when the moon therefore obscures the light of the sun. During a new moon, it’s a subjective time. A time for creating your plan, bringing that plan into existence, and giving it some tender nurturing as it develops into a fuller idea. Start to think about what types of materials, resources, and materials you might need.  This is not a good time to express your ideas just yet (duration 3-4 days).

Cresent Moon

The crescent moon suggests that a tiny sliver of light begins assisting you in putting your plan into motion—internally.  Whatever you experience here as resistance, is internal and is related to emotions that arise resisting your plan.  See this period as a natural time to brush away your inner fears, and begin to develop strategies for dealing with any concerns that arise. Here you are ready to speak of your plans to the public. (duration 3-4 days)

First-quarter Moon

This is a time for organization, and building the framework to support your project.  Foundations are put into place and the idea is expanding into a growing reality. Here’s where you intensify activity related to your plan. (duration 3-4 days).

Gibbous Moon

Gibbous Moon and First-quarter moon are times for working past any emerging obstacle.  The project will be challenged as to its validity in the bigger picture of your own life and as it relates to the lives of those in your bigger social circles. Furthermore, this period is critical to maintaining your health and nourishment. (duration 3-4 days).

Full  Moon

At the full moon is an “apparent” outcome. This is where you can assess, “Was my plan successful, or did it fail?” Do I need a partner? What else have I seen or realized at this time that I did not before?

Disseminating Moon

This is when you assess the outcome of the project in the light of sharing it with others. This can be a truly challenging period, because it matters how well you can see and use constructive criticism. Here you can see from a larger perspective. (duration 3-4 days)

Third-quarter Moon

Building on the previous phase, it’s necessary to integrate the new understanding that came from sharing your project with others—and opening up your work to criticism. Here, the more that your perspective was broadened in the previous phase, the more you are successful and easily replace unproductive aspects of the project with more productive ones—such as attitudes, details, or materials involved in the project. (duration 3-4 days)

Balsamic Moon

Somewhere between here and the new moon, you need to wrap up everything you’ve learned.  You can spend some time de-briefing yourself on your related experiences, and even begin to draw up a consolidated view of your experience—doing whatever you need to do to clear out and be ready for what you may want to begin in the new moon cycle.

If you know what sign the moon was in when you were born, you can add a whole new dimension to regulating your life.  There are many free resources online that where you can draw your astrological chart. Contact me if you are interested in exploring your moon’s sign and placement in more depth. Also the phase the moon was in at the time of your birth describes your incarnation cycle. My own natal moon was in a balsamic moon at my time of birth, indicating an old soul.

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