Our Tree Update & Happy New Moon in Gemini

Dear Friends,

Every other day I’ve been adding touches to my/our painting. I’ve spent about 10-15min per session, which includes mixing my acrylic paints to make the next touches. Today there were some interesting developments in the image.

Breathing in/out the pink of love from the center of oneness
Breathing in/out the pink of love from the center of oneness

In honor of this New Moon in Gemini, I will be sitting in silence and in awe. I am also getting my files in order; setting up my home office, as well as other ‘todo’ items involving space clearing and yes, you guessed it: study. Meanwhile, my plants that ‘felt grumbly’ during the move, they are coming back to life. Overall, I’m not having a bad experience with 3rd house ruled Gemini, involving Mars and other attributes in the new moon “landscape,” as well as continuous courage for rainbow warriors. I definitely found it necessary to ‘take a moment’ before proceeding, in the midst of my day. If you’d like to meditate with me, here is this guided meditation. This is good self-care.

Currently my blog has been undergoing some maintenance. A new background image from a Eucalyptus deglupta , a picture taken in the neighborhood, has been added. My blog is now lined with tree bark. As a result, I lost a few of my decorations. The Rainbow Eucalyptus has been in my consciousness for a couple of years now, as has been the Rudraksha tree, which is part of my tree project.  I suppose I am tracing back where my and, now, “our tree project” began – in my own life. I’m very much enjoying the story, the duality, the chores, and the brainstorming. Mercury retrograde afforded me this area of self-recognition, so I could see what I want to revise, and where I want to head next. While Mercury is still in “its shadow phase” I may not have ‘quite yet’ made any decisions with this new knowledge, but I’m okay with that. I have the spirit of my message nicely tucked into my heart.

Aloha nui Loa

14 thoughts on “Our Tree Update & Happy New Moon in Gemini

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    What a nice post. I love how the tree is evolving. I have been thinking a lot about my contribution. I hope to have it done by Saturday. I hope you have some deeply sweet quiet time.

    1. Dear Mary,
      _/1\_ Thank you so much for your visit. YAY!!!! Your contribution is very exciting! It’ll get done, when it gets done 😀 Thank you so much already-cherished-friend for wishing me some “deeply sweet quiet time.” That’s my well and my watering hole!
      xo Ka

    1. Hello Gem moon Sis,
      We’ve got this shared thing. I’ve got that 4th/5th house double-cuspy Gemini thingy going…. yeah… that. 🙂 You’re my astro sister… we were born, “on the move,” Aquarii rising aww yeah. 😉 Aloha, Ka

  2. Ka, the painting of the tree is stunning. Definitely inspiring me to “take a moment”… I feel like something is happening when I look at the image now, though I can’t tell you yet what that is… I think it’s a good thing… You are working with inspiration here! You suggested once finding a place to have the final image nearby, and I can’t wait to do so when it is ready…


    1. Hi Michael,
      I’m not sure when the final image will be ready. There’s another contribution on its way to the project. There’s a brief “time off” coming up… it’s interesting… but we shall see what the days bring. There’s a possibility that increased intensity in other areas of my life may either “help” or “hinder” its manifestation. I think it’ll help… that’s what’s been happening so far…the energy in one area builds and channels into another. It may have a quick, or a slow end? It’s getting there…
      Thank you for sharing your perception!
      Love always, Ka

  3. MH

    The tree made me think, in existential terms, of an incident in Albert Camus’ book “L’Etranger” in which Mersault is conceptualizing a tree during the time he is in jail after murdering an Arab.

    How you visualize a tree. My professor had everyone in class start out with the form of a tree, and then she asked the students to complete the picture. Some had stark branches with no vegetation, while others had trees with lush leaves, growing fruit, squirrels and other small animals, children playing around it, and a house in the background. Still another person drew a tree that did not appear to be grounded — it appeared not to have roots connected to the ground but rather was as though suspended above the ground.

    I will not comment on colors used because the members of the class were working in black and white. How one chooses colors can provide another level of analysis. Does the person use light colors or somber colors ? What is the source of light? Is the tree a study in darkness? Are there a number of subtleties in the resulting picture that merits discussion? Is, perhaps, the rendering of the tree done with an ethereal or dreamlike quality.

    How you draw your tree is a reflection on how you perceive your reality at the time you draw the picture. It is a reflection of your perception at a given time. If you are given the same task next week or 6 months from now, there very well may be a different picture because your world may have changed. I must admit to an Existentialist bias.

    It was an enjoyable and thought-provoking exercise for me.

    1. Hi MH,
      Hah! I, too, find myself having an existential bias, and I always feel like I need to qualify it with the specifics… yet… when I really reach for them (the specifics), they aren’t there. There’s nothing there! No tree!

      Thank you for your comment and your contribution to this exercise. I am delighted that it was a fruitful experience, especially in the essence of pure enjoyment and continuing curiosity. Since I last read the text, The Stranger, I was a teenager; and, I’m wondering what it would be like to read it again…
      xo Ka

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