Universe Speaks through Dazzle

Going with the flow
I don’t know if I’m spreading myself
too thin. I see myself spiraling
in all directions, using more arms
than I was given, on a given day.

We’ve got thick skulls
and thick roots
and hefty rain boots here.
The diamond of compassion
nestled in our center, ironically as
soft as puppy nose kisses
can melt the age off of a face.

His name was Francis, yesterday
reminds me of the Sage Francis,
a rapper and priest for barbed
hearts and false starts
a lyrical collection of lonely hearts…

And driving through the rain. at night.

Here there’s no rain anymore
it’s all sunshine and yesterday I
joked with a hippy saying he was
really a troll because he told me
to get my head out of my phone.
Interesting imagery.
Sure he didn’t like being called a hippy either.
But he preferred it to troll..

It was an appreciative smile…
and a nod to our connection over big fish
and the pier. Words were carrier pigeons,
and the pigeons
did not represent words.

Still the Universe speaks
in people, in whispers
in loud car honks and the puppy
left alone who cries all day to the whole

Those with ears like auricle satellites
don’t exactly rotate to precise coordinates
but vibrate on existing strings, historic
symphonies that the souls played
from time immemorial.

Here’s to tonight’s viewing of the Perseids
while the moon is silent in Leo.
And sitting in the darkness
is the best way to see the show.

10 thoughts on “Universe Speaks through Dazzle

  1. I love this! And I wasn’t aware there was a meteor shower happening and just happened to go and sit out under the stars at night with a glass of wine and was graced by the most beautiful show. I saw about 10 go by and one half an hour!

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