Tabula Rasa

Hello my lovely readers and co-creators!

Here are some blank images. I mean, here are some white spaces that may not stay white for long – although, I’d be fine if they did! In the pure state, there’s so much potential!

Tabla Rasa2

TablaRasa2 TablaRasa3

Here’s an interesting side note. When I went to purchase my head, the cashier said, “I found the prettiest one I could find.” I said, “Oh really?       Thank you.”

She said that we students tend to be picky with our heads. I said, “You know what, I’ll work with whatever I got!” I also thanked her very much for her consideration. After that I noticed a little “birth mark” next to the ear. There’s no name yet for this new man. I’ll take name options, and consider it.

*When I named my post originally, I was thinking of the Tablas or Tabla drum, and merging the two ideas in my title* Though, I did not photograph my drum here, I gave it away a few years ago as a gift to the person who gave me my first medicine bag.

22 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa

      1. I just thought of an interesting story. While I was fulfilling some prerequisites for graduate school, I got a pretty lovely Saraswati statue, before my husband and I moved across the country. She was reminding me of the support I had during this process. Well, she fell off the nightstand and her face fell off! Not, her head. Just her face. I was like *&$%, what does that mean? I’ll tell you what: Superglue. ❤
        She's a tiny, delicate statue, it's amazing it was 'just' her face that got shaved off. It seemed like the procedure required a precision tool to send me such a message.

  1. It looks like there will be some interesting painting going on here soon 🙂 and loved that you gave your Drum away… My drum was made by hand by a friend, in a way of thanking him, I painted on his drum, 🙂 I painted a bear a raven and an eagle.. He loved it.. 🙂

    1. Hi Sue, This canvas will be blank for a while, unless it isn’t. I don’t have plans for it, but it sort of just showed up here 🙂 Maybe it’s a reminder for all the space I’m clearing up for creation to flow through me. Thank you, always, for sharing about your drum-painting exchange! xo Life is Good!

  2. Hey Ka,

    As your own name begins with the letter K, I wondered if it were possible to find a name for your ‘new head’ that began with the same letter, bore relevance to your Healing Arts, and might also include your personal interests as well. Having browsed several name lists I happened upon the following name. Upon further reflection, I thought it most curious indeed how it also ‘related’ to recent posts of yours regarding deep meditation and a Horse, not to mention the subsequent post where we discussed Time 🙂

    KHEIRON (Χείρων): Greek name meaning “surgeon.” In mythology, this is the name of a very wise Centaur (Horse), who was the son of Cronus (Time) and the nymph Philyra. Kheiron was said to be a great Healer, Oracle and Astrologer 🙂

    Khieron seems to fit perfectly in all manner of ways. I wonder if you knew this specific name all along and were just keeping it a secret? 😉


    DN – 16/09/2015

    1. Hi Dewin,
      I have to tell you that your comment here put a big smile on my face! I like the Greek spelling for Chiron 🙂 He’s such a curious and wise centaur. I believe, also, that “Chiro” is derived from the Greek word, “kheir” and refers to the hand. Yes, it seems that my posts have been working on different levels at once!
      Have a wonderful weekend, Dewin!

      1. Hey Ka,

        Indeed, your insightful mind and sensitivity do seem to afford you such depth and height in your visions Ka! What a gift that truly is for someone practicing a non-invasive and holistic Healing Art.

        Chiron is a fascination isn’t he, perhaps the wisest of the Centaurs emerging from within the recently discovered Kuiper Belt. As an Astrologer, I imagine you have already read: Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective Paperback by Melanie R. Reinhart? And if not, I’d recommend its reading either for pure enjoyment alone, or as a study companion. I read it whilst at university and found the myth and symbolism of this deeply influencing archetype most fascinating. A quick check on Amazon reveals Reinhart re-released the tome in April 2010 complete with new material and I might just invest in another copy. My original seems to have been mislaid at some point after 2005.

        Word Etymology – the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning – often throws up many exciting paths and avenues to explore. For a writer, or Poet, or indeed anyone with an interest in using language to express thought, it is yet another tool in the pen-and-ink-box for when a historical reference, a veil, a tangent, or a subtlety is needed, and a contemporary word just won’t work. But beware, so absorbing can the search for word roots become that it can very quickly establish itself as an almost habitual process 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words and reply 🙂 Hoping you will have an enchanted weekend. Take care of one and all 😉


        DN – 19/09/2015

      2. Yes to Melanie Reinhart, and I always knew you as a Celestial Wizard 😉

        Wise words about searching for root words, “But beware, so absorbing can the search for word roots become that it can very quickly establish itself as an almost habitual process :)” My weekend is enchanted, that’s for sure 🙂 HUGS!!! X Ka

      3. Hey Ka,

        Appreciating how conscientious and studious you are, like a fountain of bubbling knowledge, I would have been most surprised had you not read the book already 😉

        Words are indeed curious things aren’t they 😉 Did you know for example, that the Welsh word for ‘head’ is ‘pen’? So, if one were to exchange only the word ‘head’ in the phrase ‘new head’ for its Welsh equivalent, one would have new ‘pen’? I wonder what you might make of that? 🙂

        Thank you for a most intriguing reply Ka. And I must say, what an ethereally beautiful word ‘celestial’ really is. How inspiring you are 🙂


        DN – 19/09/2015

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