The Marathon of Enlightenment

~I’m interrupting my blogging break~ for a moment to thank Susan for writing such a beautiful and touching blog article. Her thought to include me on her journey is beyonds words available to me at this moment.

We all encourage one another to continue along our path to realization. _/1\_

My blogging rest and break currently comes from the divine order of my body 😉 I can’t wait to return to y’all here! ❤


My friend Ka (aka Fiesta Estrellas) is many things: an artist, a poet, an astrologer to name but a few. A few years ago she had a 9mm herniated disk (L5/S1), which she chose to heal naturally, through things like diet, exercise, acupuncture, but most of all, through learning to listen to her body for what it needed to heal. Her healing was slow; it took over a year. That process of healing she likened to what others might experience learning to train for running a marathon. She says:

“Many people embark on the journey/goal of running a marathon. More and more are interested in pushing themselves to states of peak performance. Yet, how do we train for a marathon other than running a longer distance, over time; in effect, we run further and longer than the marathon itself. That’s how we train!  That’s how we get ready for…

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4 thoughts on “The Marathon of Enlightenment

  1. Thank you, Ka, for sharing your friend and sister-blogger’s post about your own journey. This is so true, as those of us doing the Transformation Marathon (often in a ‘sprint’ focused culture!) know so well. xoxo from a fellow Marathoner, Jamie

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