Munay-Ki Rites by Candelight

Susan Seddon Boulet


Susan Seddon Boulet_Jaguar
Susan Seddon Boulet

Last night was my first installation of the official Munay-Ki rites.


Somewhere along the journey in this life, I was sure I had received the Earth-keeper rites, but it was among the presence of these 7 beautiful women, last night, that this set of sacred rites took place, and the transmissions were transferred to me to lay down the foundation for further deepening of my conscious journey of creation. Working with other powerful medicine women, in truth faith, my consciousness is expanding – and so is my belly, with the breath of fire! You are welcome to do the fire-breath with me here, or
participate in my mindfulness meditation practice here.

I bid you all Good Morning, and look forward to time spent amidst the wilderness of your blogs. My time is frequently spent hearing of your journeys, your processes. I receive the gift of experiencing your poems, your visions, your hopes and your fears. In community, I hold your hand. 

At times my hand may sound silent as my consciousness is fully engaged in my own transformation, but I do hope my warmth and presence is always experienced by you, and that you know that I am by your side, as you are by mine.

The past few days have been brilliant with light and the challenging of fears which would hold me back from existence, if it were not for my practices, and the support of others along the way ~ especially those magical beings on Earth and beyond, which I know “have my back,” which has been virtually rebuilt on the physical plane, since 2012. More about that here, where I still need to update my story.

I haven’t written specifically about that aspect since 2014, but I can still say:  Thank you, Body! despite any twists and turns along the way. Also, you may remember my incredible yoga mat YogaLove: Thank you!

As we approach the Full Moon in Virgo: this will be my first lunation with these seeds planted within me, and ask all of you to light a candle for yourselves in relationship to your own healing body – may we always find the love that we need to heal, and the hand-holding that we need while we are in process of the process. Soft, tender loving is more powerful and memorable than any other experience in consciousness!

We all have bridges to cross. May we feel supported as we take those steps that our spirits so rightly requests of us.

mystical bridge

My post on the New Moon in Virgo is resonating again with me right now, as the Full Moon is nearly upon us. I’m picturing the tree in that post and experiencing the energy of our former home in Santa Cruz, CA 2012-2013: and the beginning of “my reconstruction.”

24 thoughts on “Munay-Ki Rites by Candelight

  1. Your heart is buzzing all over this one Ka. I feel like some of this post is pointing towards my healing journey. The full moon highlights my 1st and 7th, where my nodes also reside. The push-pull of independence/interdependence continues to test my limits.

    Congrats on your rites of passage. Hope you will write more about it. I am not familiar with munay ki. I am so proud of you and how you navigate your life.

    Lots of loving hugs <3,

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the great feedback! What a full moon it was! The energies are amazing, and looking forward to our upcoming eclipse season in March. Yes, I am with you on “limits getting tested,” mine, too, in the area of perception, and especially in terms of abundance, and “what is possible.”

      Munay Ki has been amazing, so far, and mind-blowing! I’m looking forward to being able to offer my services in this area when the time is right for me.

      Thank you for your support and loving presence,
      ❤ big big hugs back, Ka

  2. Love the art of Susan Seddon Boulet she has always been a favourite of mine.. And I will light a candle for my body.. 🙂 As I ask for healing..
    Loved reading Ka And thank you for always supporting me across my own bridges.. 🙂 always enjoy your love and support..
    Hugs to you my friend and a Peaceful weekend your way
    Sue ❤

    1. Hi Sue,
      Wow, yes, isn’t Susan Seddon Boulet’s work amazing! There’s an image of hers that i have in my mind that has permeated my whole being. I wonder if I’ll be ready to paint this summer. We shall see! I hope your candle-lighting went well. I appreciate how we can be there for one another throughout the ethers and on WP. 😉 Glad to be “here” for you, Sue! I am going to have a peaceful weekend now…. yes, quite peaceful. At least right now, I am feeling satisfied from a job well-done – put all my hard work in, and now I get to rest some. xoxo Ka

      1. Yes the Candle lighting went very well.. and I lit a large one, which has been relit daily since.. for many reasons.. And when I look within the flame, I am peaceful and calm.. And I thank you for your ‘presence’ as I reach out into the ether.. It means a lot.. Love and Blessings dear Ka.. Enjoy some restful time my friend.. (( Hugs )) Sue x

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    This is so beautiful, Ka. I feel your heart. Congratulations on your ceremony. Blessings on the further deepening of your conscious journey of creation. Wow, that fire breath is intense! Thank you for your hand in this beautiful WP community, whether it be silent or full with words.
    I have always loved Susan Seddon Boulet, so thanks for the art. And that last picture.
    Yes, “Soft, tender loving is more powerful and memorable than any other experience in consciousness!

    1. Hello Mary,

      Does it seem like time is flying? Or are we flying with time? ❤ Thank you very much <3. There was one time when I didn't attend a ceremony for something that I completed, and I learned at that point (well, several years later), how important and significant it is to celebrate and ceremonial-ize important time passages, rites, achievements, and new chapters in one's life. I am so grateful for that self-made lesson. Perhaps it's just one of many reasons inspiring this website's creation:

      So glad we can both appreciate Susan Seddon Boulet's beautiful and hauntingly fluid art works.

      Soft, tender, loving…


      1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

        I agree completely about ceremony around important passages and accomplishments! I love doing ceremony with people. One of my favorite parts of what I do! Seems so important for myself and for others. Yes…Susan Seddon Boulet. I love your description -” beautiful and hauntingly fluid art works.”
        Soft, tender, loving… centered blessings beautiful Ka

      2. Yes, Mary, and sometimes things have been done a few times over before one such as I feel “ready” to move forward. It’s something I’ve been working on, but sometimes I’m slow to get up to speed with myself. 🙂 Despite being often ahead of myself. I bet you understand that very well, too. Gosh, I love being so understood! 🙂 Hahaha… Have a Wonderfully Satisfying Weekend, Mary! xoxoxoxoxo

      3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

        You too, Ka. Have a wonderfully satisfying weekend. I love how you said you are slow getting up to speed with yourself despite being often ahead of yourself! Hahaha! I totally get it! 🙂 ❤

  4. This is SO beautiful, Ka! I enter this Sanctuary you have created for us, to sit in the glow of peace, and love and feel that we are connecting within the Mother, as our roots reach out and entwine. Even as we are all on our individual paths, we are together, like open Chakras, channels for All That Is to flow eternally to all the corners of the Universe.

    Bright Blessings!

    1. Hello Fim,

      I’m so glad to see that you returned! I was delayed in getting my responses out due to my focusing on my midterm exams. I’m happy to be able to say that all went well. Actually, it always does, I just have buckle down and do thee work is all. I love how we are on our individual paths while still together. That’s my favorite, favorite part of connecting here. Oh, those chakras… they continuously get opened and cleared throughout the lifetime, especially when involved intimately with others for healing work as I do with massage, reiki, etc etc.. acupuncture.

      You always bring me bright blessings when you are here,
      Namaste sweet one,

    1. Hi David,

      I do try my best while practicing wu wei, and then learn to be more mindful, kind, compassionate, Self-loving, open, clearer, perhaps wiser (although I am reluctant to add that one for the obvious reasons that once one settles ahead of time… you know, you know).

      Thank you for being a light in the world, and a light for me.

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