Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Peace, Telepathy


Dear friends, bloggers, new followers: Welcome!

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate astrology posts back into my life. Astrology is still very much with me, and I am having a wonderful time with it. Especially lately, as this a particular eclipse cycle has brought me into some wonderful places in my consciousness. Β I’ve practiced astrology in a shamanic way for several years now (maybe a decade?), and that aspect is growing. Shamans experience time differently; they really do.

My poetry book has been written, but perhaps looks to the end of Mercury retrograde, for its next step/s, who knows? We shall see. I’ve given over certain aspects of it, and put it into others’ hands.

This is a delightful and wonderful autumn on its way. I cannot say any more. No really, I cannot. These days I have journals for everything, journals for shamanism, journals for Qi Gong, journals for Reiki. I have my personal journal. There’s really no end to writing and communicating, it would seem. Lately, there’s been an increase on the “telepathy” wavelength; and I find that those in my closest sphere can get messages across by using the shamanic worlds we create; and oftentimes its much easier than that, just by virtue of the surrounding energies these days. It would seem that there is less in the way of sending and delivering messages. Many of you, here, just hang out in my heart. Mercury retrograde is sort of on the periphery, a minor blip, a quaint artifact of mental processing.

Last night I had a bit of a breakthrough. Normally, I do not “remote view” but while working on a land healing, and after having a bit of performance anxiety beforehand, it ended up that many of the details of my journey were confirmed by her as “actually there.” Stairways were where they would belong, and the ceiling (and fan) was exactly as my shamanic body witnessed. I had never been to her property before; and prior to, I had never had any reason to even know that she had a home at all! I did not know I would be working with her.

I will be quite honest, this is an area of my life where I had never expected improvement. I am so deeply a skeptic, it’s amazing that I am even gifted with such developments. Apparently belief hasn’t much to do with witnessing: this is something I am reminded of again, and again, especially in my Reiki work and with acupuncture. My massage therapy work has always sort of explained itself. We understand the mechanism there. The point is, the world really is magic (not grammar, on purpose), and magic is just a word (same with world: a word, a vessel, fill it with what you will).

My days are filled with warmth and laughter, and lots of people in it! Β I trust this message finds you well, and that you are hopefully experiencing some ease and grace in your life.

Many blessings!

Ka Malana



28 thoughts on “Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Peace, Telepathy

  1. Loving that you are exploring more of this amazing gift not only of Astrology but telepathy also.. Remote viewing a great gift . We each should explore them more in depth.. The World of the ancient past used these skills daily, and I foresee a time in the not too distant present that these gifts will once again be used by those being born now.
    I am so very happy for you Ka.. And wish you all the very best with your poetry book as this phase of the Moon eclipses all of your creative skills..
    Love and Blessings my dear friend
    Sue ❀ ❀ ❀

    1. Hi Sue,
      This “telepathy” or what I consider telepathic is very new territory for me. I think viewing remotely could be differently described or distinguished further as well. Perhaps if one were to spend hours there could be a more precise way of elucidating all these things and parsing into words; better yet, I fancy you also understand through your own experiences how rich these inner and outer traversing lands are. I suppose it’s a skill with us all along the way in life, but the discernment might be a lifelong process, and more timely uncovered due to certain experiences and predilections over time. Wishing you a brilliant mid-week, very much appreciating your commentary.
      Aloha, Ka

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hey Ka!
    Wow, that is very cool about the telepathy. Some of my friends and I know when each other are going to call and sometimes we pick up before it rings. That’s fun.
    Very exciting about your poetry book!
    So glad you have a lot of friends and you laugh a lot. Life is good.
    So nice to see you here today!!!
    With love,

  3. I am continually amazed by your powerful loving energy. It is often palpable, in a good way! I am telepathic at times, it seems cyclic in nature and depends on the quality of the relationship between me and the “other.”

    Remote viewing sounds very cool, not something in my superpower toolkit at the moment. But Cancer energy is one of the signatures of a psychic, medium, empath, yadayada,,,, but you already knew this, haha.

    love to you my sweet friend and strong blessings on your poetry book.

    ❀ ya, Linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      I want to return your kindness and say that your energy in this message is certainly palpable, and I appreciate how well you know yourself, as you describe so well as to what factors are involved for your sensing πŸ™‚ That comes with a lot of reflection, in my opinion.

      Cancer is a fairly malleable, and nearly as impressionable, sign as the Pisces lot. Cancer as a water sign can certainly indicate strong empathic tendencies, and some of the same out-of-boundary movements as the water signs do swim out there. I have an appreciation for the water signs, and while there’s also the other elements balancing, where aspects and planetary arrangements come together, making up the whole, that many factors help promote empathic and telepathic clarity. I do so appreciate your pointing out the sign of Cancer as it does pertain to this in a sense. Also, there is the process of composing one’s understanding into words/thoughts, over time –eventually things take shape, as Capricorn is Cancer’s opposite/complementing sign and quite adept at solidifying with effects over time — also such are bonds growing sweetly over time and with endurance! So too does the empath form boundaries conceptually and energetically in effect to remain open while simultaneously functioning as a discrete entity/body.

      Wishing you the magic of the day, and always more of the good stuff,
      Cheers! Ka

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m in love with the process of the opening and unfolding of comprehension/consciousness through experience–while discovering, continuously, that awareness is endless and reaches everywhere! It’s inspiring to me.

      Love & hugs to you my divine friend,

  4. What do you think, Ka, is telepathic communication in some sense assisted by the power of one’s current emotive force? In other words, does it seem to prevail more for you when driven by a strong emotional impulse to connect?

    1. Hi Hariod,

      That’s a good question! I’ve been breaking down your phrase: “power” well, maybe. “of one’s” hmm… seems we need more than the discrete, individual being here for the connecting of two or more, or even “one” with “all of time”! Then, there’s the “current,” so we have to factor in time and place and context, too, I think. Now’s here’s the tough one, “emotion.” I don’t know if English is really good at defining emotion, or that most of us use the word in the same way. Emotion in some circles can mean that stuff that clouds the thoughts, or pure awareness. Emotion in other terms of reference might be even the very definition of connection. I’d say both: Yes and No. Also, there’s “strength of emotion” which could cover both passionate (strong), dispassionate (clear) awareness that settles into union, and makes “spooky action at a distance” either more possible, plausible or transparent. Wishing you a beautiful day, Hariod! There’s lot of possibility here.

      Aloha, Ka

    1. Hi David,

      Yes, it was wonderful! and sort of inspiring! and a bit surprising! πŸ™‚
      It is an interesting *thought* to help you with what you are thinking!
      Perhaps your thinking transforms over time, even the ‘what’ of it, with the ‘when’ of it.
      Just some more thoughts I’ve added just now πŸ™‚

      Wishing you a happy mid-week and the rest of the week, and etc., throughout the interim,
      Aloha, Ka

  5. “I am so deeply a skeptic, it’s amazing that I am even gifted with such developments.” RIGHT!!? Loved this, Ka. I’m looking for answers to why the past 10 days have seemed “more of a struggle” (“stuff” coming up/going on) to myself and several people around me….Is it something in the air? Something in the stars? Just coincidence? (these are rhetorical, but if you have an answer, feel free). Now I need to go and look at what you’ve written the past 2 weeks for more clues. ❀

    1. Hi Susan,

      There have been times in my life when I was a good marker for the energy – that’s how I found astrology, plus that early introduction (age 10ish, could have been sooner but not sure) to the astrological software and add that to my curiosity & BOOM, chemistry. The rest is history. There’s a higher volume or amplitude (I am using the language figuratively here) during times of astrological/planetary accordance or dischord. Astrologers have all sorts of designations as to which is which and for whom and when – everything ties back to the natal chart and the progressed chart. If you are doing Vedic astrology, which I know not much about, then it is the dashas and of course the huge gestalt of time, the yugas. Plus astrology is the theory and practice that overlays the planetary stuff on its own.

      So, the answer to the best rhetorical question you gave (thank you! so amusing and also leaving room for further communication) “is it something in the stars?” to me, the answer is always a little bit: yes the stars; and no, it’s how we individually and collectively relate to the stars. Sort of like how objects exist in consciousness but we relate to them in such a way that we view through our filters, which even a changing filter is still a filter. For example, becoming “more conscious” and being “more awakened” is also a further effect of having a different filter, one cannot know for sure whether it is wider or bigger or more all-encompassing than it was before, because one is viewing with a filter, perception, bias. Ever notice the eyes cannot see behind the head? So that’s a type of waking and regular consciousness. See how quickly it can get so complicated? *sigh* it’s beautiful.

      For me this past eclipse cycle was beyond brilliant, and enlivening! I am going to wrap up my reply here because I want to head over for your journey, which I have enjoyed sharing with you. Mercury is about to station direct. I usually go by feel. The date, I’ve seen in the ephemeris, is the 22nd. The station times are the most interesting, I feel it now and yesterday. For me the 3-day rule around the date of actual transit usually applies. I can eclipses much sooner. However, sometimes I don’t experience anything at all, and other times, it’s all the different stuff that’s going on at the same time. Eclipse seasons seem to historically be about big change for all collectively and big change usually requires adjustment, while it also brings up those struggles we face into the light. I hope that helps!

      All the best, Aloha, Ka

  6. Really enjoyed reading this, Ka. In particular how skepticism and experience have this ability to collide in our lives, right in front of us. I think it is somehow involved with the heart and the mind reconciling. The mind says, how can this be? I don’t understand the mechanisms. The heart says how can it not be? Is it not obvious? And yet we have both. We have some other, bridging faculty–maybe it’s just love–that can swim in both seas, and cross the line at will, and always be whole and learning and present.

    Wishing you a beautiful autumn day!

    1. Thank you, Michael!

      I like having some healthy skepticism because I have the faith that my mind’s barrier is only here to help me. lol. At least, right now I do! I don’t know what is obvious right now. It’s a lovely state to be in. I had no intention of traveling to it for a visit, nor even an extended stay. But, here I Am!

      Wishing us both a beautiful autumn day, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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