In a new era: one leader shows ‘A’ way hOMe

Wishing everyone a fine Sunday. This video moves me deeply.

Perhaps you might enjoy this short video where Morgan Freeman interviews His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, as much I have. This man is one of my leaders (Karmapa – but Morgan Freeman is pretty standup, too), my ‘wayshowers,’ and I’m so proud to say it. He’s very ordinary. That’s what I adore about him. He’s also very extraordinary. Keep your eyes out for him. Though he is young, at 31, he embodies the transmissions from the former 16 Karmapas. He is a walking lineage and he is, I believe, a vast “energy holder” for our new era.

7 thoughts on “In a new era: one leader shows ‘A’ way hOMe

  1. Ka.. My beautiful friend..
    Yes I did enjoy this video… And can so see why His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, is a great energy holder for the world..
    I had not been acquainted with his presence until you kind introduction.. It will not be my last encounter that is now for sure..

    I Just wanted to pop over and say thank you for the love and energy you left me.. As I send you greetings for a Wonderful Christmas.. Have a Happy and Joyful one and much Peace is wished your way for the New Year..

    Love and Blessings dear sister.
    Hugs Sue ❤ xxx

    1. Dear Sue your message made my heart happy and came at a time when I really needed to hear it. I am grateful for our connection.

      During this transition into the new year, I’ve been undergoing many “growing pains,” and seeing some bright spots and heart opening amidst it. Feeling very forunate to be alive at this tumultuous time on the planet. Much peace to you as well in 2017 and always, Love Ka

      1. Yes we came to this Planet just for this time dear Ka.. And I am most blessed to be sharing my thoughts along side a dear sister like your good self.. Hugs and Happy New Year xx ❤

  2. Hey Ka 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this enlightening video, ever more so at a time when the world seems poised for upheaval and radical change…and one hopes for the betterment and ‘evolution’ of one and all. A world without beginning or end yet constantly reflecting a perpetual transition of states is a deeply encouraging and highly desirable thought to take forward into the New Year and beyond towards all future times.

    Wishing you merriment, peace and happiness throughout the festive season and prosperity, success and fulfilment in all ways for 2017. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, your friendship and support during 2016.

    Take care 🙂


    DN – 27/12/2016

    1. Dewin! You are awesome! Thank you so much for all your support since the earlier days of this blog. Your words and wishes have helped me to traverse the space time continuum and enjoy a respite here and there. Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful, healthy, and cheerful new year 2017. Here’s to more ease and flow for all creative endeavors!

      Blessings & Namaste, Peace,

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