Exchange is not Mandatory

When we live by our hearts,
we may choose to walk alone.
Because trying to match everyones’ beat
isn’t quite “making the band.”

When our integrity is challenged,
we do and say what needs to be
said and done from our hearts.

in response.

There doesn’t need to be
a response to walking.

Walking is its own thing.

When we go within and set our
mind upon the infinite,

we have to let go a little.

My wholeness is not contingent
on whether or not I have
been received.

My wholeness does not need to
be mirrored in the world around

But it is,

Sometimes I look up or down
or straight ahead, and what I
see, I want to identify with.

The choice is mine.

11 thoughts on “Exchange is not Mandatory

  1. Wonderful musings Ka. My favorite line is that my wholeness is not contingent upon being received. I was just reading an article about how we aren’t free until we can accept and allow others total freedom to live and be as they are. This seems like part of my next step. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Brad. In this day and age, or in any other, we have to walk side by side – and that can mean staying in our own lanes. I’m recalling a dear friend’s words at the moment, though maybe not exact words about “staying in one’s own lane.” Each step of the way requires our inner navigator to be awake at the wheel! And, yes, we can use some time-outs since such attentiveness is only humanly retained with proper rest and letting go šŸ™‚

  2. Unity is the way I see our walk dear Ka.. May we look deep into our reflections and see what it is we project outward..

    Today my daughter came to visit.. We discussed the world events.. She said this.. I see the world at the moment like a giant plug hole.. She said when the water runs out near the end it gathers momentum, spinning around and around.. it is dragging down with it the last of the suds which sink to the bottom.. She said we either allow ourselves to spin on the bottom.. Or we rise above it and pull unto us those higher energies..

    This sentence spoke the most loudly to me..

    “My wholeness does not need to
    be mirrored in the world around

    Let us rise.. ā¤ xxx Love and Blessings dear Ka.. xx

    1. Thank you, Sue

      As we each rise,
      and see the tide rise too,
      how could we be anything but united?

      Same with falling.

      Even in our chaos, even in our peace. :0)

      Even if we didn’t want it to be so: United.

      Your daughter’s metaphor reminds me
      of a Children’s Rhyme called “Dear Liza.”
      It was regularly thought of while growing up.
      I guess life has always had a hole.

      and a whole šŸ™‚ Lot. Perhaps all this emptiness
      is meant to join what was already joined and could never not be

      The song is funny, “Dear Liza.” Relief is in it the emptiness, and the funniness.

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