Following your own path; Freedom is found in Courage

Recently I finished reading a book by Jeremiah Hues called, “The Law of Propulsion.” Within it he shared his life work and also an invitation to the reader to meet with him in person to continue the work, as well as one’s own personal investigations. I met Jeremiah a few years ago in the spirit of common interests and friendships. He was conducting his thought experiments at the time, and also expanding his work. It’s very inspiring to be with people who are working on their projects and really coming into and sharing their life’s work. There’s an openness to sharing, and there’s also an invitation for more. Each person has their own focus, their sacred attention. Sometimes, for a time, our interests may overlap and our inquiry may be along the same lines, even our goals; other times, we need to fly free and into the unknown. We need to explore a bit on our own.

I am excited for people who decide to become authors. Having recently embarked on this journey myself, I can honestly say: doing it was better than imagining it. It opens up new worlds! Also, you never know who will be interested, and who will buy your book! Sometimes the people who you most admire might be your fastest, quickest customers. Who knows? What else is possible?

On Flying

Interestingly, after some time at the air and space museum, I was reflecting on the words of the flight pilot Amelia Earhart – the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things.” 

As we come into the full moon in Leo on the 10th of February for some, and themes of Aquarius and Leo abound, we seek to balance what is internal with what is external: what is about “the group think” and the community consciousness, consensus; and what is in “the content” of the “still small voice.” Even astrology is interpreted differently among astrologers, based on personal experiences and biases (and charts) (and chart systems and house divisions, etc etc). Same pie, different cuts.

I really don’t know a person on the planet that has not been exposed to the existence of astrology, and has not at least become a little bit aware of what is said about their sun sign, often in a dual way, the “pros and cons.” In this way, we are all astrologers. We are all (dual) thinkers. We are all open to the awareness of contrast and to the continued study of astrology, and the question of illumination in unity: what is its meaning and purpose, and role in our lives (if any).  Hopefully, we also have access to seeing our divine-mundane canopy as well, the real twinkling stars out there, exploding with gas and spectra: conveying without words, frequency and sometimes a detectable presence! I’m thinking of a distant nebulae right now where it hasn’t even been discovered or yet named! How free is that nebulae!?

Historically, astrology has been focused on celebrities and interpreting the actions of “the outside” world – politics, you name it, offering prophecies and speculations. I enjoy it as that, but even moreso as a tool for introspection. Most astrologers see astrology as a tool for enlightening and opening the mind and consciousness. A tool for recognizing biases and for seeing how each sign is a part of our chart! No escapees!

Fame has often been linked with Leo, but I have a different understanding for Leo – my sun sign in the tropical zodiac, with Aquarius on the S. Node and also Ascending. Because fame always sounded awful to me. Leo calls us to be with the courage of who we are. Leo and Aquarius work in harmony when best. They are opposite signs, but they demonstrate two aspects of the same coin. What they point to is a fulcrum- a place where balance is not only likely, but necessary, for peace within wholeness. These are two fixed signs, different perspectives!

We all can conduct our experiments and come up with what is meaningful to each of us. One of my favorite excerpts from Jeremiah’s book is from the section called, “Why Knowing the Knower?,”

The quality of knowing your knower adds to your highest self. It’s a tool that accesses deeper understandings as a resource.

Because your kinesthetic/deep Knower nature operates from a respectfully shy part of your communication structure, it gets bullied out our your attention by your active mind. You’ll be able to use this awareness as a tool to regain more control over the leading, pushy nature of your active mind.

Your truer, more mature deep parts of your spirit get to become a more influential part of your cognition processes and therefore get to steer the ship, instead of the part of the mind that will knock your attention span out of the way, like a kid fighting for free candy.”

May you use this full moon in Leo to your attentional advantage and keep your heart and goals focused on the love that you have to share – to be that presence, that presence that you need to be in order to fly through all your noble struggles while in a human body, living in a world with lots of other nobles. Amelia Earhart’s courage and Bessie Coleman’s courage transcends anything that I’ve ever known.quote-the-air-is-the-only-place-free-from-prejudices-bessie-coleman-39916


11 thoughts on “Following your own path; Freedom is found in Courage

  1. Without a doubt I had to have courage to choose my freedom… I still need it today as i find myself surrounded by a lot of hands wanting to pull me back in 3D life… Love your post Ka x much love Barbara x

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Absolutely! When we look back at all our past courageousnesses, we realize how we took that baby-step in the first place. For some it’s a leap, but the distances don’t matter so much as the spirit with which the move was made. Can we keep bringing it forward as we let go?

      Thank you –

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