one teaching doctor says
“humans operate
with the law of quantity
over quality.”

i resist, but listen

when we have an injury
we compensate
and use extra effort
to accomplish a task

we might not even realize it,
while our ‘new’ habit-pathways
are seamless – to us.

we practiced it, until we had

to get around the trouble
of doing one thing, me might
enlist a few extra sets of muscles.

i should admit now that
this is not really a poem.

but I’m curious,

how are we so ingenious?

7 thoughts on “quality

  1. This sounds to me dear Ka, that you have had experience of this compensation to overcome difficulties..
    Reminding me of when My hubby tore a ligament in his foot years ago while on holiday, he refused to seek medical help, and after months of limping and on painkillers, He had to unlearn his limp to walk straight again..

    Maybe we as a world right now are in need of some alternative therapy to unlearn how we have become, without even realizing just how badly we have all been limping along..

    We so need to learn to walk a straighter path.. xxx

    Sending love my friend xx
    Sue xx M3

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes while working in the clinic and while working in class, I am exposed to a number of different of our patients’ circumstances.

      Awareness is key. Also this poem marvels at what is magnificent about humans. It takes a neutral approach to observing what is often times more amazing than not!

      Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week and a happy weekend ahead!

      Love, Ka

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