Afternoon Exercise

every face today has a smile
eye contact and a
story telling.

“today is my birthday,” he
says. “I’m 24.” I can hear
It in his voice – he is
grateful to be alive.

each year gets more precious

This dog named Ranger, who reminds me of Venus, both black labs, both friendly. One has passed on. Ranger is
panting happily, here and now.

All with a meet and greet – and just now I loOk up and deeply into a woman’s eyes.

Hello! We say It at the same time. Her visor is a good idea. I replace my sunglasses and see more dogs.

They are as happy as I for California rain and shine.

Two more dogs go by, and soon I’m back to my work.

The women who pass me say,
“Recess is sacred”

I add: thank you for sharing your dogs 🐶

21 thoughts on “Afternoon Exercise

    1. Hi Barbara,

      At the moment I am actually quite busy and at times the words don’t flow so easily. I’d love to honor my new book with your support through such a post at some point in the future. Thank you for your including me. I don’t know when it will be! In the meantime, please keep dropping by here and happy-strolling with me (and/or whatever shows up). I’m looking forward to seeing what other books people have written as showcased on your blog and your wonderful guest feature. I have already been by, and I love the focus of the written piece on compassion. Really.

      Aloha, Ka

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love those moments, those simple brief encounters that can just make your day. Making loving connection. Gratitude feels so good!

    1. Thank you, Sue! I was able to lay in the new grass yesterday (thanks to all the rain I’d been calling for 😉 ) during one of my breaks. It’s a few moments here and there for now 🙂 Thanks to the rain, we have waterfalls now, where previously there were none. I dreamed about these rocks turning into waterfalls. The frogs are happy! Life is so beautiful. I’ll try and sneak in a break during this busy week. Aren’t we ALL so fortunate to be able to be under the sun? Here and anywhere.

      1. We are all so fortunate to be here on Gaia, and the rain brings so much Life.. I am happy your waterfalls flow, and the frogs croak.. your grass will soon grow.. Much love dear friend.. love to you also xxx So so much Love ❤

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